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Yeast-Infection ~ Ailments & Remedies

Remedy: Garlic

Why it works:

Garlic is well known for fighting infection and stimulating the immune system.

How to use it:

If the odor of garlic bothers you, try taking it in capsule form.

If you are undaunted by garlic's pungent aroma, add more raw garlic to your diet.

You can swallow a clove cut it into pieces if a whole clove is too large to swallow.

Or mince it and sprinkle over salads, on toast or over pasta.

Garlic can also be used internally, to make a suppository by wrapping a peeled clove in cheesecloth and tying it off with a piece of dental floss long enough to use as a string.

Insert suppository before going to bed, and remove in the morning.

Repeat until symptoms disappear.

Other remedies to consider:

Remedy: Probiotics

Why it works:

Probiotics are the good bacteria that are normally found in our digestive tract.

Yeast-infections often occur when the balance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria (such as yeast) has gotten out of whack.

Taking extra probiotics such as acidophilus, can help restore balance and get that yeast on the run.

How to use it: There are several ways to get probiotics.

You can buy them in tablet form and take them as a daily supplement.

Talk with a holistic MD or other health practitioner to determine the ultimate dosage based on your particular situation.

You can also get probiotics from eating yogurt.

Eating a cup of quality yogurt (such as Greek) a day can reduce the number of yeast infections a woman will get.

According to studies at Finland’s University of Tampere.

Eating 1-1/2 cups of yogurt daily, the kind containing live bacterial cultures.

Re-populates the digestive tract with healthy bacteria in as little as three weeks.

Crowding out troublesome yeast and reducing symptoms 50 percent or more.

Plain yogurt is definitely best, since sugar actually fuels the growth of yeast.

If you aren’t fond of the flavor, try Greek yogurt or plain kefir.

They’re both delicious, and neither has any added sugar.

What to watch out for:

Sugar feeds yeast and many yogurts are chock full of sugar.

Stick to the plain variety and if it's too tart for you, sweeten it with honey.

Honey's natural anti-microbial properties will help the fight against yeast-infection and not hinder it like typical white sugar will.

Remedy: Cruciferous Vegetables

Why it works:

Enjoy just a cup of cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli or cabbage) daily.

And you could speed your recovery from a frustrating yeast infection.

And prevent future ones from occurring.

Studies have shown that the active ingredient in cruciferous veggies, a compound called indole-3-carbinole (I3C).

Naturally damages the cell wall of sickness-causing yeast.

Stopping their growth and spread.

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