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22 tips & hints to get the weight rolling off.

So, you've decided.

You're committed.

You're ready to drop some pounds.

Time to slash your food intake and set up a cot in the gym, right?

Not necessarily.

You see, that to many is a set up for failure.

I believe it's better to make small, subtle changes that can lighten your scale gradually over time.

Rather than trying radical methods all at once.

And small changes are easier to work into your current living routine.

I mean we all have family's, spouses, chores, errands, jobs, etc.

I like to think in terms of baby steps, like swapping an afternoon soda to an herbal tea as one example.

There are lots of little changes you can make, in your diet and your daily routine that will have you losing those first few pounds in no time.

Then when you step on the scale and see that you’re down a few lb’s.

The incentive to fit into that little black dress and to add a few more changes grows with each change that you add.

It becomes contagious.

This I know, because I’ve been there, done that.

Take a look at our tips below.

You'll discover how to eat smarter, fit exercise into your busy day and revamp your daily routine so that in no time at all you'll be losing the weight you want to lose.

Start by picking a few changes that you know you can handle and add them into your routine this week.

Then try a few more next week.

We realize not every idea is right for everyone, so try a few and see what works for you.

Little changes can start you down that road to weight-loss results, and of course a healthier new you!

And I guarantee, a happier you!

The Good Egg

Finally, here's some welcome news for breakfast lovers;

Eggs may help reduce your weight.

Eggs already have been reinstated as a health food (the major Nurses' Health Study cleared eggs of upping heart attack and stroke risk).

Now there's evidence that people who scramble, boil, or poach one for breakfast.

Versus eating a bagel with the same number of calories.

Bypass junk-food cravings and eat fewer calories for at least 24 hours, without even trying.

Maintaining your weight and body mass index at a desirable level can make your physical age as much as 6 years younger.

Thanks to what turned out to be a bad cholesterol rap, you may have avoided eggs for years.

But eggs have always been a good source of nutrients and protein.

And for reasons that aren't completely clear, it turns out that they make the body feel fuller longer.

In one study, people with weight problems who started the day with an egg were still eating fewer calories than normal by lunch the following day.

You know that line about "the incredible, edible . . ."?

Looks like the jingle writer had a clue.

*** Good things certainly do come in smaller packages.

Here's a little trick for staying satisfied while still keeping your portions under control.

Cut high-calorie foods like cheese and chocolate into smaller pieces.

It will seem like you're getting more than you actually are.

*** Drink plenty of water.

Make it a habit of having a glass of water instead of a high-calorie snack.

I know you've probably heard this many times, but water fills you up and it has no fat, no calories.

So, if you want to seriously lose a little weight, then drink gallons of water.

Carry a little water bottle around with you.

It will benefit your overall health as well as your waistline.

Add some zest with a twist of lemon or lime.

Actually, whenever I get hungry between meals, I like to have a tomato vegetable drink like V-8 or for a little more zest try V-Go.

*** Time to herbalize.

Stock up your spice rack, or better yet, start a small herb garden in your kitchen window.

Spices and herbs add great flavor to your meals without adding fat or calories.

No fat, no calories?

My goodness we must be losing weight.

*** Skim n’ slim down the soup.

Make a large batch of soup from any of our Super Soups recipes and refrigerate it before you eat it.

As the soup cools, the fat rises to the top.

Skim it off the surface for seriously slimmed down fat content.

*** Listen to your cravings.

If you're craving something sweet, go for something sweet.

Just go for a healthier nibble, like fruit, instead of a high-calorie snacks and you'll start losing weight.

The same goes for crunchy cravings.

For example, try air-popped popcorn with soy sauce or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) instead of high in fat tortilla chips.

It's a smarter substitution!

*** Ease your way into produce.

If you're new to eating lots of fruits and veggies, start slowly.

Just add them to the foods you already enjoy.

Pile veggies on top of your sandwiches, or add fruit to your cereal.

*** Look for high-fat "red flags".

Want an easy way to identify high-calorie entrees?

Keep an eye out for these words; au gratin, parmigiana, tempura, alfredo, creamy and carbonara, and enjoy them in moderation.

*** Don't multitask while you eat.

If you're working, reading or watching TV while you eat.

You won't be paying attention to what's going into your mouth.

Plus you won't be enjoying each bite.

Every time you sit down for a meal, sit down.

Chew slowly and pay attention to flavors and textures.

You'll enjoy your food more and eat less because it takes longer.

*** Taste something new.

Broaden your food horizon, you may find you like more healthy foods than you knew.

Try a new fruit or vegetable. (Ever had a pear apple, jicama, plantain, bok choy, starfruit or papaya?)

Get to know your portion sizes.

It's easy to underestimate how much we eat.

Don't estimate things, make sure.

Ask how much is in a serving, read the fine print on labels, measure your food.

And learn portion equivalents.

A serving of pasta, for example, should be about the size of a tennis ball.

Or for meat, about the size of a deck of playing cards.

*** Make a healthy substitution.

Learn to swap healthier foods for their less than healthy counterparts.

Find a substitution that works for you.

Use skim or 1% milk instead of whole milk, make up a batch of brownie mix with applesauce instead of oil, try a whole-grain or 7 grain bread instead of white.

White is not good for you anyways.

*** Bring lunch to work.

Packing lunch will help you control your portion sizes.

It also provides a good alternative to restaurants and fast-food joints.

Where making healthy choices every day can be challenging as well as expensive.

What I do as an example is take a container (125g, no fat) of fruity yogurt, an apple (or whatever fruit I have) and about 6 oz. of vegetable cocktail to work.

The trick though is not to eat all of it in one sitting but to have one of each as my day progresses.

What I find is that by the time I get home for dinner, I don't have that starving feeling in my stomach.

*** Have some dessert.

You don't have to deny yourself all the time.

Have a treat that brings you pleasure, but this time enjoy it guilt-free and be sure to practice portion control, and compensate for your indulgence by going for a walk or by skipping your afternoon snack.

*** Ask for what you need.

Tell your significant other you don't want a second helping.

Ask your sweetie to stop bringing you chocolates.

Speak up for going to the salad bar when your co-workers are picking a restaurant for lunch.

Keep the high fat restaurant dressings to a minimum though.

Whatever you need to do to succeed at weight loss, ask for it.

Make yourself a priority and assert yourself.

Fitness Tips

*** If you use a treadmill try to improve your technique.

When walking on a treadmill, don't grip the rails.

It's okay to touch them for balance, but you shouldn't have to hold on.

If you do, that might be a signal you should lower the speed or intensity level.

*** Simon says ... get fit.

Here's an easy way to fit in exercise with your kids.

Buy a set of one pound weights and play a few rounds of "Simon Says" except you do it with the weights, they do it without.

They'll have a hoot and love it!

*** Make the most of your walks.

If your walking or running routine has become too easy, increase your effort by finding hills or you can get those ankle and/or wrist weights that work very well.

Just be sure to tackle those hills at the beginning of your walk, when you have energy to spare.

*** Shop 'til you drop ... the lbs.

Add a workout to your shopping sessions by parking your car as far from the store as possible, to get more walking in.

And try walking up the escalator, getting where you’re going faster will be an added bonus. lol

*** Walk an extra 100 steps at work.

Adding even a little extra exercise to your daily routine can help boost your chances for success.

Today, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or stroll down the hall to talk to a co-worker instead of sending an e-mail or calling.

Personal Lifestyle Tips

*** Brush your teeth after every meal and snack.

This will be a signal to your mouth, and your mind that it's time to stop eating.

Brushing will also give your mouth a nice fresh taste that you'll be disinclined to ruin with a random potato chip.

At work, keep toothpaste and a covered toothbrush in your desk drawer.

It is also known that a clean mouth and healthy gums are important in your bodies over all health and well being!

*** Organize your closet!

First, it's great exercise.

Second, it's an important step in changing your attitude.

Get rid of all the clothes that make you look or feel bad.

Throw out anything that's too big, don't give yourself the option of ever fitting into those clothes again.

Move the smaller clothes up to the front to help motivate you.

Soon, you'll be fitting into those too-tight jeans you couldn't bear to part with.

*** Take your measurements.

You might not like your stats now, but you'll be glad you wrote them down when you see how much weight and how many inches you're losing.

It's also another way to measure your success, instead of just looking at the scale.

Sometimes even when the numbers on the scale aren't going down, the measurements on your body are.

Remember, you don't have to do all of these at once.

Add three or four into your routine each week and before you know it you'll have lost, or certainly be on your way to losing the weight you want.

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