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Is Your Food Too Cooked?

What in the world does this have to do with weight-loss you're asking?

The information and data that we've collected shows.

There is VERY strong evidence.

Supporting, the longer you cook your food, the more difficult it is to digest and metabolize.

If we aren't digesting and metabolizing our food efficiently, what happens?

Weight gain!

Actually, a lot more negative stuff goes on but for the moment, we're talking weight, right?

The higher the temperature that your food is cooked at, the longer it stays in your gut.

This makes it difficult for your food to be absorbed.

And work on a cellular level where it needs and is supposed to work.

If your food isn't working, it sits there and guess what?

We gain weight!

When your food can't work at the cellular level, the cells will become deficient.

And, the cells will become toxic.

This leads to deficiency.

Then toxicity of the entire body, making the body less able to function optimally.

Far from healthy eating and weight-loss!

Food deteriorates during commercial processing, shipping and during storage.

We all know this.

Three different things happen to over cooked or over-processed food:

(1) destruction of essential amino acids.

(2) decrease in digestibility, and

(3) the production of anti-nutritional and toxic compounds.

It's your liver's job to detoxify, but your liver can become over-burdened and unable to do it's job.

Have you seen the movie Super Size It?

A young fellow eats nothing but fast food for an entire month.

His Doctor told him the state of his liver, was worse than that of a hard core alcoholic.

The hard core alcoholic's liver took years, the young guy's liver...less than a month.

I was aghast.

Undigested or partly digested food moves through our bloodstream.

Causing havoc in our bodies and this makes it difficult for weight-loss.

Research shows that when food is heated to extreme, its' chemical configuration changes.

Pasteurization, deep-frying, and barbecuing.

Are all forms of cooking where food is heated to the extreme.

Our bodies don't understand these strange chemical changes.

And don't have the enzymes to digest the food easily.

So, no weight-loss...but weight gain.

It's about a whole new you and the possibility of creating a new life for yourself.

Most of us are aware that food is the most important factor.

In achieving and maintaining greatest health.

That's why your reading this, right?

Hey, when it comes to healthy eating and good nutrition, the key is simplicity.

Living foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Eaten in their natural state, or barely cooked.

Is best to receive all the nutrients they offer and assist us in our weight-loss efforts.

Our body uses what it needs, gets rid of the excess and "ta da", weight-loss.

Plus, by cooking our foods, vegetables or fruits.

We can lose up to 80% of the nutrients originally available.

Isn't that like pouring money down the drain in a way?

The enzymes and amino acids are either destroyed or indigestible.

Also, cooked foods pass through the digestive tract much slower than raw foods.

Our cooked foods tend to ferment and then throw poisons back into our bodies.

If food sits there, it ferments

And, if food sits there fermenting, we're not losing weight.

Did you know that colon cancer is second only to lung cancer as a killer in America.

And is related to eating enzyme deficient cooked food.

Prolonged intestinal toxemia (fermenting foods) can manifest the following symptoms:

* Fatigue,

* Nervousness,

* Gastro-intestinal discomfort,

* Recurrent infections,

* Skin eruptions,

* Hormonal disturbances,

* Headaches,

* Arthritis,

* Sciatica,

* Lower back pain,

* Allergies,

* Asthma,

* Eye, ear, nose and throat disorders,

* Cardiac irregularities,

* Pathological changes in the breasts, and so on.

These conditions have been shown to respond to therapy.

Directed to correcting toxemia in the bowel.

And of course, it's important to have fiber in your diet.

We all know this.

Fiber scrubs your colon walls clean.

Think of fiber as your internal loufa.

But more importantly, fiber allows the proper digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients.

Which in turn assists us in our goal of weight-loss.

Cooked food often passes into the bloodstream as un-split molecules.

These are deposited as waste, in various parts of the body and ... you guessed right.

No weight-loss, but weight gain.

Now, assuming,

it's a fat molecule, we call it......cholesterol

if it's a calcium molecule............arthritis

if it's a sugar molecule...............diabetes

White blood cell counts rise dramatically.

After ingesting a meal of canned, processed or cooked foods.

Raw foods do not produce this reaction.

All raw foods contain exactly the right enzymes,

Required to split every last molecule into the basic building blocks of metabolism.

Amino acids (from protein).

Glucose (from complex carbohydrates).

And essential fatty acids (from unsaturated vegetable fats).

We found an interesting article in an old edition of National Geographic (1973).

Where Dr. Alexander Leaf published the findings of his research.

About the oldest people in the world.

He found that the three most consistently disease-free and long-lived people on Earth.

The Abkhazians of Russia.

The Vilacabambans of Ecuador and the Hunzukuts of Pakistan.

None of these people suffers from what we call, Western diseases.

NO obesity, NO cancer and NO heart disease!

On average, these people live to be over 100 years old.

The men are active and still fathering children at 100 years of age.


The diet of all these people consists of 70-80% high-water-content foods.

Such as raw fruits and vegetables.

This is important!

Disease proliferates only where there is not enough oxygen for cells to be healthy.

Raw, natural foods contain plenty of oxygen.

In cooked foods, oxygen is destroyed.

It's good for us to remember, food, by itself, has no healing power.

It's your body's assimilation of the food that does the healing.

Pick out

And supplement your health and fitness lifestyle with raw, natural foods.

And the proper environment gives your body the raw materials needed.

To detoxify, to create energy, and to rebuild.

When all is in working order, we WILL lose weight.

Your body knows how to heal itself and is always working to heal.

The instructions for self-healing, are encoded in the genes of every cell in your body.

Nature alone cures!

What everyone should do, is assist those efforts, and allow nature to repair the damage.

We should trust the intelligence of our bodies and allow it to heal, to work efficiently and to lose weight.

Most people have yet to touch the surface of good health.

Clean and detoxify your body and you will become healthy.

And, a part of being healthy is being at our best weight.

What we call a cold or an illness, is in most cases, your body working to get rid of waste.

It's the effects of your body cleaning out all the unusable foods we have taken in.

Through overeating, consumption of poor quality foods and poor combination's.

If we learn and understand what detoxification is.

Then we'll experience weight-loss and receive the tremendous benefits.

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