Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

Vitamins, minerals and other supplements won't compensate for a poor diet, but they can help fill nutritional gaps in a good one.

Know your nutrients and you'll confidently look after yourself and your family.

Understand your diet and learn the ABC's which can help you to get well and stay healthy.

Okay, let's get right into this.

First and foremost, we'll divide them into two categories;

1) We Have Water Soluble Nutrients

You've got your "C".

and then your "B's";





We have Choline,

Folic Acid and


2) And Your Fat Soluble Nutrients;

Vitamins A, D, E and K.

We’ve all heard of most of the above listed nutrients.

We can find information on each and every one quite readily anywhere on the internet.

My question to you is this;

Do you actually know what they are?

Well, they're carbon comprised organic and natural chemical compounds your body needs to consume for growth, repair, metabolism and over all good health.

Exceptions would be D, K, choline and biotin, which technically the body can self-produce.

These, along with minerals, help make the enzymes and hormones necessary for all the chemical reactions needed to live in good health.

And, also in manufacturing blood cells and converting your food into usable energy.

Yes, they are required in varying amounts, but all are equally important in maintaining good health.

They're found in nature by way of plant and animal food sources.

I want to be clear, vitamins are not foods in and of themselves.

If the foods you eat are not providing you with an adequate supply of all these vital nutrients, "natural" supplements would be beneficial.

You’ve probably noticed that some labels have one or two other names associated with it, and not necessarily sequential numbers.

This is not an attempt to confuse us, but simply a product of an evolving understanding of these essential elements.

Some B essentials were discovered and assigned a number only to be later found to be really two separate elements.

And so the numbering and naming system got a little bit whackier.

Some became more commonly referred to by their full names, others by their letter and others by their letter and number combo.

Your health is in your hands, take control now and discover for yourself the true health benefits to be gained by using our nutritional supplements health guide in your diet daily.

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