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Feeding Your Skin

Like the idea of making your own beauty treatments with fresh ingredients from your local grocery store?

Here’s an A to Z of incredible edibles for your skin.

We all know that eating five to ten servings of fruits and veggies a day is essential for a healthy body.

But have you ever considered how produce from the market can nourish your skin?


Full of natural fatty acids, protein, vitamins-A and C.

Hydrates dry skin.


High in AloeEctin B, which stimulates the immune system.

Aloe is soothing and cool to your new super skin.

Medicinal properties of this plant have been shown to stop pain and itching.


High in AHAs and antioxidants.

Great for dissolving flaky skin and creating your new super skin.

Baking Soda:

Neutralizes the pH of the skin and pulls out excess heat.


Contains vitamins-A, B and C.

Soothing and healing.

The most beneficial part of the banana is the inside of the skin.


High in AHAs and antioxidants.

Great for revitalizing dull skin.


Soothes irritated skin.

Egg white:

Full of protein, egg white acts as a tightening agent and is great for oily skin.


Has purifying and antibacterial properties.

Great for acne.

Green tea:

High in antioxidants.

Stimulates circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties.


High in vitamins-C, D, and E, and B complex.

Honey has natural effects on the skin and is known to be an antiseptic salve.


Packed with vitamin-C and AHAs.

Great for oily skin, and acts as a natural skin lightener.


Full of proteins, and vitamins-A, D, and E.

It also has strong soothing properties.


Contains healing properties.

Oatmeal serves as both an exfoliant and a moisturizer.

This is great for dry and/or sensitive skin.

Olive Oil:

High in natural fatty acids.

This emollient is a moisturizing ingredient similar to avocado.


High in AHAs, BHAs, and Vitamin-C.

Acts as a cleansing astringent for oily skin.

Helps to even skin tone.


This is a natural AHA; glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane.

This is a great exfoliant for the skin.


Contains lycopene, which is excellent for the skin, particularly when it’s oily.

Removes surface impurities, exfoliates, shrinks pores and regulates skin tone.

Wheat flour:

Thickening agent for skin remedies.


Contains enzymes, which aid in removing dirt and dead skin cells.

And here's something else you can do for your skin this season:

Stock up on sweet, juicy oranges.

The reason is the fabulous "flavonone".

Oranges are ripe with "naringenin", a naturally occurring flavonone that may help shield skin from UV rays.

It won't replace regular sunscreen use, but researchers hope it may help stop skin-cell death.

So there you go.

If you're looking for super skin, it's time to stock up on a variety of these super foods.

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