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It's wonderful to nourish and indulge ourselves.

With natural wonders for younger looking skin.

Let's take a look at some of these super natural remedies.


The ancient most healing medium.

Used by humans and animals to heal injuries, relax tense muscles and cleanse the body.

Drinking helps eliminate toxins, improves the condition of our skin, nails and hair.

Water works as a natural diuretic.

To reduce high blood pressure by decreasing water retention in our blood.

Thermal spring water can treat rheumatic, muscular disorders, skin aliments and respiratory problems.

A sauna or steam bath increases the flow of oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

Bringing improved nourishment to vital organs and tissues.

The exercise treatments in pool water therapy.

Are curative uses for variety of conditions.

Skin-Care & Sea-Salt

An ideal method to rub away those stubborn flakes or scales of dead skin cells through a sea-salt scrub or bath.

A sea-salt scrub or bath improves blood circulation giving skin a radiant look.

Salt baths combat stress, ease muscular pains and aches.

Exfoliate your skin and "go for the glow".

With a paste made of coarse sea-salt.

Mixed with either water or olive/almond/macadamia oil to achieve glowing skin.

Skin-Care & Clay

Clay or mud masks are effective deep cleansers.

Clay paste when patted over the face and left to dry, pull out impurities and moisturize the skin.

Several varieties of clays varying in color.

Suitable for all skin-care types, especially for great looking legs.

Are used to absorb excess secretion and dirt.

White clay works wonders on oily skin.

Brown clay is good for dry skin, and for skin prone to blemishes, green clay is a skin-care benefit.

Skin-Care ~ Fruits & Vegetables

Who needs a suntan and expensive night cream to look youthful and bright.

When there are vitamin, and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables.

In your kitchen to give skin a rosy healthful glow?

Fruits are jam packed with lots of skin conditioning properties.

Bananas, strawberry, pineapples and more.

Are all choc-full of skin conditioning and softening properties.

Natural vitamins and essential oils of significant benefit to your skin-care.

Strawberries are an effective cleanser for all skin types.

Packed with Vitamin-C, strawberries neutralize oily patches and calm rashes.

A natural exfoliant.

Pineapple acts as an effective, gentle buffer, leaving the skin clean.

Ideal for dry skin, banana nourishes.

And provides excellent moisture boost to dehydrated skin.

It makes a great moisturizing and anti-aging face-mask.

New research suggests.

That eating a diet that includes a significant amount of fruits and vegetables.

Can impart a rosier color to flesh in as little as six weeks.

What kind of effect.

Does increasing the volume of fruits and vegetables consumed have on skin.

Researchers in Scotland.

Asked 35 caucasian college-age students.

To record their fruit and vegetable intake over a period of six weeks.

The researchers from St. Andrews University.

Analyzed the appearance of participants’ skin.

At the beginning, middle and end of the six-week period.

The researchers discovered that eating a significant amount of fruits and vegetables.

Not only adds to overall health.

It also improves appearance by highlighting both red and yellow tones in the skin.

How many servings of fruits and vegetables a day made a measurable difference?

On average.

The participants that ate about 3.5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Showed the greater color changes to flesh.

The study’s authors speculate.

That the change in skin color may be the work of the antioxidants in fruits and vegetables.

The molecules that also happen to give plants and fruits their vivid colors.

In particular.

The study isolated carotenoids.

The red, yellow and orange pigments.

In such fruits and vegetables as tomatoes, carrots, peppers and sweet potatoes.

As well as beta-carotene, a compound that is found in dark, leafy greens.

If improved skin color isn’t good enough reason to add another serving of fruit to your daily intake.

Enhanced brain function may be.

A paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Makes the case that eating berries, blueberries in particular.

Can keep brain function sharp.

And potentially stave off Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Skin-Care & Seaweed

Seaweeds, brown, red, green and blue.

Incorporated into body wraps and anti cellulite products.

Reduce impurities, flush out toxins and leave the skin cleansed, toned and refreshed.

Seaweeds are also used for treating problems such as psoriasis.

Seaweeds, rich in copper, a nutrient vital for healthy collagen and zinc.

Helps repair damaged skin cells.

Thalassotherapy uses seaweeds.

While sea water baths and sea mud body wraps are popular spa treatments.

Skin-Care & Herbs

Rosemary, lavender, mint, ginger and chamomile.

To name just a few, are commonly used herbs in skin care products.

Essential oils are extracted, added to lotions, creams, gels, etc.

Help to soothe, stimulate, calm, balance and treat certain skin ailments and irritations.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy to promote health and well being.

Lavender is great antidote to stress, while lemon grass works as quick perk me up.

Rosemary is an effective digestive aid.

And a natural antiseptic in reducing appearance of scars.

A strong concoction of mint alleviates chapped hands.

The reader of this article should exercise all precautions.

While following instructions on the recipes from this article.

Avoid using if you're allergic.

And while we're on the topic of skin care.

There's a great website that provides many illustrated tips.

Tricks & techniques on every aspect of makeup application.

Visit's profile on Pinterest.


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