Shrimp Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

Shrimp Salad ~ Super Salads

These are such a refreshing change for any meal accompaniment or on their own.

These were awesome!

Hollowed-out tomatoes were the secret to elegant lunches in the '50s, and they deserve a comeback today.

You'll want to look for bright red, aromatic tomatoes without any mushy spots or discolorations.

This is definitely an excellent recipe that will impress!

First, you have the goodness of the tomatoes and certainly the wonderful flavor of a seafood salad.

We recommend chilling the filling in a Zip-Lock type bag in the fridge.

And when it comes time to fill the tomatoes, you can just clip a sizable corner off of the bag (to accommodate the shrimp) and pipe the mixture into the tomatoes.

We served this recipe at a cook-out recently and every single (adult) person implored us to share the recipe.

After a couple of cold beverages, we eventually had to give in and hopefully our friends will reciprocate by serving this recipe at their next cook-out. (assuming we're invited, lol)

I know I'm looking forward to it!


3/4 lb. peeled, cooked shrimp, cut in 1/2" pieces.

1 c. chopped fennel bulb.

Juice from 1/2 lemon.

1/3 c. reduced-fat or low fat mayonnaise.

Pinch of sea salt.

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper.

4 lg. yellow or red tomatoes.

4 leaves (really any kind will do) of lettuce.

4 fennel fronds (garnish).


1. In medium glass bowl, combine seafood, fennel, lemon juice, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper to moisten.

2. Slice 1/2" from stem ends of tomatoes.

Hollow out each tomato with spoon by removing seeds and some of the flesh.

3. Spoon and heap the salad mixture into tomatoes.

Place each tomato on lettuce leaf, garnish with fennel frond, and serve.

We hope this recipe makes as big an impression on your friends as it has ours.


Makes 4 Servings


210 Calories,

20 g. Protein,

14 g. Carbohydrates,

9 g. Fat,

1.5 g. Saturated Fat,

135 mg. Cholesterol,

4 g. Fiber,

330 mg. Sodium

Prep Time: 20 minutes.

** Chef's Tip ** I like to char the tomato on the grill for just a couple of minutes prior to stuffing and serving.

Infuses with that barbecue flavor!

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