Scents-ational Sex

Scents-ational Sex ~ Healing Herbs

Everyone wants to enjoy great sex, right?

But, sometimes life seems to get in the way of our libido.

Plans for passion are often derailed by a stressful workday or a mounting list of chores, which in turn can create anxiety.

Enter Mother Nature, an expert in herbal remedies.

She’ll take you around the world for European forest herbs and Himalayan oils that will put more bounce in your bed springs.

Overworked and Under-sexed

We’re hot-blooded, passionate beings.

So why do we find ourselves saying “Not tonight, dear…” for the fifth time this week?

If your libido is limping toward the finish line, blame it on your busy life.

Hey, after sitting at a computer and working all day, who feels sexy, right?

The same goes for homemakers swamped with chores, errands and kids.

Even if you do find the energy to get busy between the sheets.

You may find yourself half-heartedly going through the motions.

Scents-ational Sex

What to do?

The secret could very well be ... simple relaxation.

To truly enjoy lovemaking, we need to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually.

That doesn’t just mean dimming the lights and playing soft music.

To really get in the mood, Mom Nature recommends indulging all your senses, starting with your sense of smell.

Scents-ational Sex

Aromatherapy oils will relax and rejuvenate you.

Not to mention make your room smell delicious.

Here are arguably, five of the most erotic:


This herb, native to Africa, has undertones of fruit and mint.

It “stimulates our adrenal energy, the driving force behind libido.”

It revives the senses and reduces stress.

Perhaps the perfect antidote to a day in career overdrive.


Rich, exotic and honey-sweet.

This oil evokes a “sensual southern climate, like Puerta Vallarta or the Caymen Islands.”

Found in France, Egypt and India.

It emanates a lush, sensual fragrance perfect for massage oils.


Grapefruit oil wakes up your senses and energizes you with its refreshing and citrusy aroma, says Mom Nature.


The spicy undertones of this Indian herb stimulate energy and help relieve fatigue and depression.

While the floral undertones make you feel oh-so-alluring.


This native of tropical Asia is “a spicy aphrodisiac.”

One whiff of its warm, fruity and sweet aroma will put lovin’ on your mind.

Now admittedly, not everyone finds geranium arousing or grapefruit energizing.

What one person deems irresistible another may dismiss as nauseating.

Before your big night, do a trial run.

Dab some oil on the inside of your wrists or behind your ears, and give it a few minutes to settle.

If you and your guy both like it, try these suggestions for more sizzle in the sack.

Scents-ational Sex

~ Add a few drops of the oil to the final rinse of your nightgown and sheets.

~ Mix a little oil into unscented moisturizing lotion.

~ Diffuse the scent through your bedroom with a vaporizer.

~ Add a few drops to a warm bath ... for two of course.

Scents-ational Sex Herbs

For more fun in the bedroom, Mom Nature also recommends herbal tonics, concoctions of complementary herbs blended together.

While essential oils have an immediate, temporary effect on your psyche.

Herbal tonics take longer to work and provide more permanent benefits.

As you take them over time, you’ll gradually notice their benefits.

Scents-ational Sex

Looking for sexual tonics?

Try these five herbs:


Derived from the bark of African evergreen trees.

Yohimbe has long been used in fertility celebrations.

Like Viagra, yohimbe dilates blood vessels, which can help your guy overcome impotency.

But don’t let him hog this herb.

As it also helps increase the blood flow to the female genitals and sharpens our senses, an aphrodisiac double whammy.


This Indian herb offers solace when we’re “stressed.

Burned out and exhausted.”

It's tranquilizing properties help you shrug off the cares of the day and get into a sultry state of mind.

And it soothes tired, sore muscles so you can focus on other parts of your body!


Commonly known as wild asparagus.

This herb has been nicknamed “wife with 1,000 husbands”.

But it works just as well for monogamous types.

Found in the jungles of India, shatavari is a moistening herb.

Taking it over time will give you more lubrication, making lovemaking more comfortable.


A byproduct of coal, shilajit has been prized for centuries in India.

Like shatavari, it’s a moistening herb and will not only benefit you below the belt.

But all over your entire body, rejuvenating hair, skin and nails.

Bonus: It doubles as an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment.


Also known as horny goat weed.

This hardy Asian herb allegedly earned it's name when a Chinese goat herder noticed his flock eating it.

Then mating like, well...horny goats.

True to form, it boosts libido by increasing the body’s production of “feel-good” hormones like epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine.

You can find many of these herbs at your local health foods store.

But remember: always consult your doctor before you begin any type of supplementation regimen.

Scents-ational Sex

It’s All You, Baby

While essential oils and herbal tonics can up your odds of a lusty love life, the real solution lies with you.

“Aphrodisiacs can help, but it has to start with the mind,” explains Mom Nature.

“To get your partner in the mood, "you" have to be in the mood first.”

During lovemaking, she suggests you tune out the world and focus only on the moment.

“Visualize your body and pleasure,” she says.

Making a bubble bath recipe for yourself is one of the most indulging experiences.

It's time for you, uninterrupted and re-energizing.

A relaxing bath recipe that contain ingredients that energize, heal and fight a cold are efficient and easy to prepare.

These essential oils can be found in health food stores, new age shops, in catalogs and online.

A little goes a long way.

Only a few drops are needed when added to water or other oils.

Experiment with scents-ational scents to create a custom blend that can greatly enhance your sexual appetite and experience.

This bubble bath will put you in a romantic mood.

Love Potion Bubble Bath

This bubble bath will put you in a romantic mood.

All of the ingredients are considered aphrodisiacs, so be aware!


6 drops jasmine oil

3 drops rose oil

3 drops vanilla oil

6 drops ylang ylang oil

1 qt. of distilled water

1 4 oz. bar of castille soap (melt bar in microwave)

4 oz. liquid glycerin


Mix the water, soap and glycerin together and stir.

Now add your essential oils to the mixture.

And, the rest will follow, naturally.

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