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It's occurred to us that our Super Salads need some super natural low fat sauces to accompany them.

So, firstly we'll give you a few suggested guidelines.

For creating low fat and fat free, home made salad dressings.

Then we'll follow up with a number of home made recipes that have worked very well for our family.

Most of these low fat and no fat recipes make a salad dressing for two.

Salad dressings are very forgiving and if yours tastes odd, no worries, as it's really easy to fix.

Vinegar Base;

We generally use balsamic vinegar as the base for our salad dressings when the rest of the meal is European-style.

For Indian, middle eastern, and Asian meals, we use brown rice vinegar, which we get at the local ethnic food store.

Otherwise, you can use apple cider vinegar.

Start with about 1/4 c. of vinegar.

Herbs or Spices;

If you want to use herbs, nothing beats fresh.

But, if it's all you have, dried will have to do.

We like to use herbs and spices traditionally used in the style of cuisine we're preparing.

Add a total of 1/2 to 1 tsp. of your herbs or spices.


This is entirely up to you, it just adds another dimension to the salad-dressings.

We like to use a flavorful sweetener, like honey (We've never tried brown rice syrup or malt sweetener, they'd probably be good as well).

Table sugar will add sweetness to your salad dressings.

But, like white vinegar, little flavor (don't forget that you could always use a sugar substitute).

Use about 1/2 tsp. of sweetener (Splenda).


This, again, is optional, but a nice touch.

Don't use yellow mustard.

Stoneground and Dijon Mustards are tasty.

Use sweet, hot mustard in Asian-style salad-dressings.

Use about 1 tsp. of prepared mustard.


This will certainly tone down the salad-dressings a bit.

If you like to dump a lot of dressing on your salad.

We generally don't add water.

But then we try to drizzle a little dressing over each serving.

The salad-dressings are very flavor saturated, so it'll actually spread over two bowls of salad.

So, in other words, "a little goes a long ways".

Add about 1/4 c. of water if you need to use it.

Most everyone likes to add croutons to their salads.

But firstly the seasoned type are generally high in fat.

And secondly the store bought kind are very expensive for what you're getting.

Don't you agree?

So, here's how you can make your very own homemade croutons.

Homemade croutons are not only easy to make, they are tastier.

Since you choose your own favorite seasonings (or no seasoning at all).

Difficulty Level: easy

Time Required: 35 minutes

Here's How;

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

Mix your favorite fresh or dried herbs and spices with 1/4 cup olive oil.

Lightly brush flavored oil on both sides of bread slices.

Stack as many slices as you can cut at one time.

Cut into cubes the size of your choice.

Spread cubes in single layer on large baking sheet.

Bake until cubes are dry and crisp.

Time will depend on the size and thickness of cubes, about 35 minutes.

Keep your eyes on them as you don't want burnt croutons.

Let cool completely.

Store in an airtight container.

Use within one week or freeze up to 6 months.

Croutons can be ground up and used like bread crumbs.

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