Radishes ~ Super Vegetables

These root veggies are pretty much the fastest and easiest to grow of all the vegetable crops.

They're a cool season vegetable.

And can be sown as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring.

They can also be sown in late summer for a fall crop.

All they require is a loose soil amended with organic matter for optimal root growth.

Otherwise, they are practically indestructible plants that mature to harvest size very quickly.

Successively sowing every two weeks or so will supply a continuous harvest.

They're also the best vegetable crop to use to introduce your kids to vegetable gardening.

And are a favorite for vegetable gardening in containers.

Harvest in the spring when they're no larger than about the size of a marble or they'll become pithy and hot.

Winter radishes, such as the Daikon types, should be sown in the fall.

They take longer to mature (50-75 days) and store longer than the spring varieties.

Sow them early enough in the fall so that they can be harvested and stored before the first hard freeze.

All of these super vegetables appreciate generous watering and a mulch to keep weeds at bay.

A fertilizer high in potassium and phosphorus will also benefit these plants.

Health Benefits:

Not only are the roots of these cruciferous vegetables nutritious, but so are their leaves.

The leaves of the plant actually contain more Vitamin-C, protein and calcium than their roots.

They've been used to treat kidney and skin disorders.

Fight cancer and even soothe insect bites.

They're rich in folic acid, Vitamin-C and anthocyanins.

These nutrients make it a very effective cancer-fighting food.

It's said that these super vegetables are effective in fighting oral cancer.

Colon cancer and intestinal cancer as well as kidney and stomach cancers.

These vegetables contain Vitamin-C, zinc, B-complex vitamins and phosphorus.

All of these are very effective in treating skin disorders such as rashes and dry skin.

Mashed raw, they can be used as a soothing and refreshing face pack.

Dieters can benefit greatly from these super vegetables.

As they are low in calories, cholesterol and fat.

They also contain a lot of roughage and contain a significant amount of water.

Because of it's high roughage content, they are very useful in treating both piles and constipation.

The juice helps to soothe the digestive system and detoxify the body.

They help to relieve congestion within the respiratory system.

Making it an excellent food for asthmatics.

And those who suffer from bronchial infections and sinus problems.

It's beneficial for both the gallbladder and liver functions, as it acts as a cleanser.

It contains sulphur based chemicals.

Which regulate the production and flow of bilirubin and bile.

Enzymes and acids and also help remove excess bilirubin from the blood.

This makes it an excellent detoxifying agent for the body.

It protects and soothes the gallbladder and liver.

While protecting them from infections.

It is also highly effective in treating jaundice.

As it's able to halt the destruction of red blood cells and to increase the supply of oxygen to the blood.

For this treatment however, the black radish is preferred.

These super vegetables are a natural diuretic.

This makes them effective in preventing and fighting urinary tract infections.

The juice helps to cure the burning feeling during urinary tract or bladder infections, as it is an excellent kidney cleanser.

This root vegetable can be enjoyed either raw or cooked, as well as in juice form.

It makes an excellent addition to salad dishes.

For digestive problems.

Put a handful of radish leaves in boiling water, cover, and let sit for about 20 minutes.

Strain, add honey to taste and drink as a tea.

For colds, flu, and the associated symptoms.

Grate one radish and mix with honey to taste.

Let this mixture stand for 10 hours in a dark place.

Take 2 tsp. three times a day as a cough syrup.

Tip: Soaking washed and trimmed radishes in ice water for a couple of hours before serving increases their crispness and flavor.

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