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There’s an important prostate guardian you should be aware of.

And when you use it, you’re protecting this internal organ and helping to keep it working normally and naturally throughout your life.

Why is this important?

Because, as a man, simply having this organ means we are born with a problem waiting to happen.

The good news is, with the help of this particular health guardian, you can take control and keep it functioning normally.

When it's working like it should, it stays about the size of a walnut, you can urinate normally, and you have a healthy sex drive.

But if this organ's function starts to slow down, you could have:

Frequent bathroom visits

Dribbling and weak urine stream

Burning sensation in your groin area

Interrupted sleep that drains your energy the next day

Pain in your lower back and hips

Low libido

Fortunately, there are natural ways to help put your prostate back in top shape.

One of the most effective protectors is called lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.

You may have heard of it before.

It’s a part of the carotenoid family and it’s what gives tomatoes their red coloring.

It’s an antioxidant that many vegetables use to keep oxidation from destroying the plant.

And when you absorb it, you get the same kind of protection.

Lycopene gets widely distributed in your body, concentrating mainly in this specific organ.

But also in your liver, lungs, colon, and skin.

Lycopene works so well because it activates a powerful protein called PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor).

PPAR is critical to many processes that go on inside your body.

It helps you make fat cells, process blood sugar, and maintain normal inflammatory response.

Within this organ, this receptor goes to work protecting your prostate cells’ DNA.

Keeping inflammation normal and oxidative stress at healthy levels.

This is one of the key factors in keeping yourself in good health.

Because oxidative stress, when left unchecked, can be the beginning of real prostate issues in the future.

In an ideal world, I’d tell you to simply eat more tomatoes and other produce that has lycopene.

Like pink grapefruit, peppers, watermelon, and guava.

But unfortunately, in today’s world, much of our produce has a lot lower nutrient content than it used to.

That’s why I would recommend a quality supplement to bring your nutrient levels back where they belong.

Your prostate health depends on it.

Other protectors include:

Beta sitosterol.

This is another powerful antioxidant that works hand-in-hand with lycopene.

Years of clinical evidence point to its potency.

The British Journal of Urology published results from a clinical trial of almost 200 men with weak flow.

They took 130 mg. of beta sitosterol for six months.

The result being their flow increased dramatically.

Saw palmetto.

In a review of numerous saw palmetto studies.

90% of men experienced relief from troubles associated with this organ.

They stopped getting up to go to the bathroom during the night and reported better quality sleep.

The same men experienced an increase in urinary flow and felt that their bladders were actually empty after urinating.

Pygeum africanum.

Extracts of this African herb show impressive results.

In one study, urinary flow improved, late-night bathroom trips decreased, and the men reported better sexual performance.

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