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Well, since we're on the topic of natures organic foods.

Let’s take our health and our natural ability to ward of disease and aging to the next (super) level.

When we speak of natural and fresh foods, what are we really saying?

It's our opinion that if possible.

You absolutely should consume the highest quality certified foods.

If you want not just better, but the BEST health attainable.

You should eat the very best fruits and vegetables nature has to offer.

If you eat meats, eggs, etc., why settle for anything less than the best nature provides.

You can't get fruits and vegetables of this quality in a jar or tin (because of the added preservatives, etc).

You generally will not find these goods or products in a box or in cans either.

If it doesn’t say “certified” on the’s just not.

It really is that cut and dry!

You absolutely need to realize that one of the major reasons we have illness and disease today is because of the toxins in our body.

The vast majority of toxins in our body is from the foods we eat.

When the food we eat is non-organic.

It's full of chemicals and poisons, starting with the non-organic fertilizers.

Using organic fertilizers would be a good start for farmers.

You know that alcohol is a poison, right?

Next time you have a cocktail, think about it.

I'm not suggesting you give up alcohol, but...just making the point that...'re ingesting chemicals and poisons daily.

That’s the bottom line!

We talk about this constantly, but people still aren't getting it.

Someone said to me recently that the organic fruit he was looking at in the market wasn’t as visually appealing as the regular variety.

Well sorry, boo hoo!

I asked if he realized that the more attractive looking fruit was full of poisons and toxins.

I asked if he was aware that the attractive fruit had been sprayed with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Chances were they had been injected with chemicals.

I asked if he knew that the fertilizers used in the fields and orchards are basically chemicals and poisons.

The fertilizers get absorbed by the roots of the trees and eventually end up in the fruit...hellooooooooooooo.

*** Sidebar *** I know this because a relation ran an orchard in central British Columbia for a number of years.

All my friend had to say was that he, "didn’t see any difference".

You may not “see” the difference, but I sure hope you “understand” the difference.

Let me describe this scenario.

You generously hand me an apple picked fresh from the tree.

I say “thanks a lot” and then grab a can of, ohhh gee, let’s say Raid, or any other kind of bug killer.

Right before your eyes, I then proceed to spray that very apple with the Raid.

With me so far?

Now, I hand the apple back to you and like Eve, I suggest you have the first bite.

Would you take a bite?

I didn’t think so.

I actually hope not.

How about if I wash it for you?

Probably not huh.

Regular apples in the supermarket are sprayed with bug killing agents that are a whole lot stronger than the Raid.

These agents that are sprayed on our fruits and vegetables are some of the most deadly bug killers available.

Now consider that most of your fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chlorinated water or bleach right there in the super market.

Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?


Regular foods are full of and covered with, poisons and toxins.

That’s the way it is.

That's the truth!

We've seen report after report that shows toxicity levels in regular foods are higher than ever before.

The toxicity level in nature's organic foods are at, or very close to, zero.

One other thing about nature's regular foods.

In most cases the food is irradiated.

Meaning basically that it was zapped, in effect by microwaves.

This is done to kill bacteria and viruses.

But the problem with this is that it also nukes the living enzymes as well.

I think we can put that apple aside now, don’t you?

We know the kind we're talking about is more expensive.

A question to you is, how much would your ailing health cost you?

Not just financially either, what about the loss of a quality lifestyle.

Think about it.

The reality is that nature's perfect foods are actually less expensive.

What’s the cost of good health?

Studies that have been done time and again.

Suggest when you weigh the actual costs, add in the cooking times, the certified foods were somewhat pricier.

But the taste was considerably better and the quantities were actually greater.

But, the payoff in good health, well, isn’t that...priceless?

Please, don’t be deceived.

If you buy, let’s say spaghetti sauce.

You check the label and it says, “made with organic ingredients”.

Looks good, right?

We say, not necessarily.

Made “with” can be deceiving.

Chances are what it really means is that they have tossed tiny amounts of certified ingredients in with the majority of others.

And of course the price you’ll be charged as if it were strictly the former.

The trick here is to learn to read labels, do your best.

The ideal would be to purchase 100 percent certified-organic.

We appreciate these foods may not be available where you live or even cost prohibitive.

But again, do your best with what's available in your area or consider starting your very own garden.

Actually, more and more beginner gardeners are turning to organic vegetable gardening.

As a recreational hobby, the most common question asked is "how do I go about growing vegetables?"

It is a simple enough question to answer, this site, garden planting will certainly get you going in the right direction.

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