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As more research is being done on foods and how they affect us.

Researchers continue to find that certain foods will not only help you live longer, but could help you live younger.

Top bulletins include recently released reports on Super Foods to focus your vision.


Super Foods to Protect Your Heart.

Arthritis, Treatment and Relief,

Super Foods For A Better Memory.

Super Foods to Lower Cancer Risk.


Hardening of the Arteries.

Healthy Eating & Food Additives,

Alzheimer's Disease and Arthritis, to list just a few.

And of course pertinent information on super foods.

Some ancient and some that are newly discovered.

Research shows that berries seem to slow and reverse many of the degenerative diseases associated with an aging brain.

Blueberries also provide another antioxidant known as allagic acid.

This acid blocks the metabolic pathways that can promote cancer.

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So, without further ado;

#1 Super Fruit on the Planet

Corn Syrup Is Making Us Fat

DNA Protection

Health Foods ~ You Might Want to Re-Think That

Lower Cholesterol with Super Foods

Multiple Sclerosis & Vitamin-D

Norovirus ~ Questions & Answers

O.J. ~ An Industrial Food Cartel Scam

Omega-3 ~ Slows Alzheimers

Soda Pop ~ It's Killing Us

Super Bugs Are Here!

Sushi ~ Here's the Raw Truth

Telomeres & DNA


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