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Maca ~ Healing Herbs

For thousands of years, the Incans worshiped this as a sacred plant.

The health benefits have been known since time immemorial.

Even before the Peruvians were conquered by the Spaniards.

This super herb is so nutrient-packed that Inca warriors reportedly consumed it to energize themselves before battle.

Full of essential nutrients drawn from the mineral rich soil of the high Andes.

This turnip-shaped tuber was also used by indigenous people as an aphrodisiac for both men and women seeking heightened sexual prowess.

It was also used to increase energy, stamina and endurance.

As well as promote heightened mental clarity, improve libido and sexual vitality.

And support female hormonal balance.

It's no wonder the Conquistadors often asked for tribute in maca rather than gold.

The reason, is that maca is a powerful adaptogen.

Adaptogens are plant substances capable of balancing and normalizing many of the body's systems.

So you experience a reduced level of stress, a harmonizing vitality and an enhanced resistance to disease.

It can also support hormonal levels in women suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of PMS, menopause and post-menopause conditions.

Studies also suggest it can even promote vitality and energy levels of the chronically fatigued.

It's known the world over for it's aphrodisiac effects and for it's power to increase male and female libido.

The herb’s potency as a sexual supplement has been proven as early as 2000 years ago.

When the Inca warriors consumed it to improve their strength and virility.

This healing herb has ginseng-like properties.

Such as increasing one’s strength and improving sexual health.

Men and women who are in dire need of something that can put that spark back into their sex life.

Now use this herb to regain their sexual health.

Instead of taking laboratory-produced sexual enhancing drugs.

People now prefer this herb because it does not have any adverse effects.

It's the solution to sexual health problems.

Without the corresponding side effects brought by prescription drugs.

Study shows that this herb can boost a person’s sex drive by up to 200 percent.

People of the Andes have discovered the use not only as an aphrodisiac.

But as a powerful herb that can cure a variety of illnesses.

Even the Spaniards who discovered that the Incas were using this herb for a lot of health reasons.

Started using the herb as early as the 16th century.

Maca had a special place in the system of indigenous healing in the Andes and the Spaniards have confirmed this by using the herbs.

It's also known scientifically as Lepidiun meyenii.

And is grown primarily for the healing wonders of its roots.

Which are dried and kept in storage.

This herb, which was considered sacred by the Incas, naturally grows in Peru’s Junin plateau.

Among the top health benefits are:

Restoring Strength & Increasing Libido

The Incan warriors took this herb before they went to battle to keep their bodies strong and ready for rigorous physical activity.

However, they realized that the herb also increased their libido.

So the warriors were forbidden from taking it after battle to protect the women folks from their sexual impulses.

Word of this herb’s power to restore strength and libido traveled to Europe the United States and Japan.

Leading to increased planting and the popularity of it as a supplement.

Regulate the Endocrine

This is a potent herb that can regulate the endocrine system.

Which consists of glands that produce hormones necessary for essential body functions.

The herb has been found effective in increasing a person’s energy levels, encourage growth and stimulate metabolic functions.

The nutrients found in this herb fuels the system and encourage hormone production.

Support Adrenal Glands

Maca is an adaptogen and as such helps in maintaining the overall health of the body.

Its calcium, fatty acids and vitamin-B1, B2, B12 content aids in the digestion process.

While its phosphorus as well as vitamin-B12 and B1 works on the nervous system.

On the other hand.

The alkaloid content helps the body assimilate all the nutrients required by the body.

Help in Fighting Cancer

This amazing herb contains glucosinolate and fibers that help prevent some forms of cancer.

The fatty acids content of the herb helps in improving the body’s immunity system.

It also helps in lessening the chances of getting rickets, osteomalacia and other bone diseases.

Pain Reliever

Maca contains terpenoids and saponins.

Which gives it the power to relieve pain and act as expectorant, sedative and analgesic.

It’s analgesic effect works not only to a specific body organ,

But also over all generally.

Here are some of the top effects of maca on a person’s health.

Restore Sexual Wellness

It's highly in demand in the Western World because of its efficacy in restoring sexual wellness.

Erectile dysfunction patients have opted for this herb.

Instead of the synthetic medications that can cause adverse effects and most of these patients confirm it’s efficacy.

A lot of patients suffering from sexual dysfunction confirm to achieving an increased libido.

Increase Sperm Production & Motility

Aside from its effect on enhancing the libido.

It has also been proven effective in increasing sperm production and motility.

The glucosinolates content is said to be responsible for its fertility enhancing property.

Maca powder is considered an aphrodisiac.

And this is attributed to its sterols and fatty acids content.

Relieve Symptoms of Menopause

It is also a known treatment for menopause symptoms.

Like hot flashes, fatigue and even female hormonal problems.

It helps minimize mood swings and reduce other menopausal symptoms.

The positive effect of combating the symptoms of menopause is said to be due to the herb’s alkaloids content.

Maca contains the macaine alkaloid.

Stabilizes the Bodily Functions & Systems

This herb may have been identified as a libido enhancer.

But it is actually scientifically identified as an adaptogen or an herb.

That helps stabilize and achieve the balance and functions of the human body.

It boosts a person’s immunity and improves vitality and strength.

This means that if your body needs to lower or increase your blood pressure to stabilize the symptom.

Then maca will perform the needed function to do just that.

Acts on the Pituitary Glands

It also contains alkaloids that act on the pituitary glands.

The glands responsible for gender related responses.

The Vitamin-C content also strengthens the functions of the thymus gland.

This herb has numerous positive effects on the human health.

There is no known side effect.

But there are reports that it contains substances that can cause goiter.

However, it has no known toxicity.

And the fact that it has a long history of food useage, makes it one of the safest herbs around.

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