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Here's a list of top 8, kitchen tools that every great chef should have in their arsenal!

Even though we love our full size food processor and it does sit on our counter top permanently.

We didn't add it to our list because, well let's face it, it is kinda pricey.

#1. on our list is an Olive Oil Sprayer

I know I'm repeating.

But there are many times when we want to use a small amount of olive or canola oil on the surface of a fry-pan.

Or even a food's surface, instead of drenching it in oil.

This way, you're still using oil but certainly much less.

There's just enough oil on the surface of the food so it can brown and crisp as it cooks.

The beauty about a sprayer is you don't have to toss it away when it's empty.

Unlike cans of expensive oil sprays.

Cost: You can find it in many kitchen stores for under $10.

#2. On our kitchen tips list is a Zester Tool.

You'll note that a lot of our recipes call for the zest of this or that.

We love this tool!

We "zest" the peel off lemons, limes or oranges.

For all sorts of recipes from muffins or soups to summer drinks.

The zest, or peel, of a citrus fruit holds plenty of aromatic oils.

Not to mention vitamins and nutrients.

So this is a very simple way to add a "zest" of flavor without extra calories or fat.

Cost: There are numerous brands costing, again under $10.

#3. On our kitchen tips list is a battery operated Pepper Mill.

We're always looking for ways to add flavor without adding fat or calories.

Our pepper mill is very popular in our kitchen.

You may be asking why "battery operated"?

Well, we suggest a battery operated pepper mill.

Because you can add the pepper with one hand (just push the button) while whisking with the other hand.

Totally convenient!

There's something about fresh ground pepper that adds immensely to the flavor of your dish.

Cost: Under $20.

#4. On our kitchen tips list is an Adjust-a-Spoon.

Everyone needs one of these in the kitchen because I know, when cooking as much as we do.

We always seem to find every measuring spoon in the drawer, except the one needed.

This type of measuring spoon is a tool that meets all your measuring spoon needs, from 1/4 tsp. to 1 Tbs.

And some particular brands are totally stylish with a stainless steel design.

Cost: Again, certainly under 10 bucks.

#5. On our kitchen tips list are Non-stick Fry Pans and Saucepans.

We think non-stick type pots & pans are virtually a must have for light cooking.

You'll need a lot less oil in your pan to keep food from sticking if you're using "good" non-stick cookware.

We don't really have a particular brand we prefer.

I mainly look to make sure they are good, thick and have handles that don't get hot.

And then I buy when it's on sale.

Yes, some people call me frugal.

It just seems they always go on sale at one point or another.

Cost: Decent ones vary from $20 to maybe $50 a pop.

The cost is higher for certain brands.

But this is the range we usually end up buying in.

#6. On our kitchen tips list are pliable Cutting Mats.

These are very handy and certainly dandy contraptions.

They're pliable (bendable), thin plastic cutting mats.

After you cut, chop or julienne your veggies, herbs or what have you's.

Just pick up the mat and bend it to slide or pour the food into your bowl or saucepan.

No muss, no fuss, just the way we like it!

We have half a dozen of these because when we're testing new recipes we use them one after the other.

Then clean them all at the end.

*** Remember *** to never re-use any chopping mat or board you've been cutting or preparing meats.

Seafood or anything for that matter, where you may invite cross contamination, such as salmonella.

Cost: A couple of mats go for under $6.

#7. On our kitchen tips list is a Hand-Held Food Chopper.

We use this tool often, together with the chopping mats.

Cooking light means using ingredients that enhance the flavor without adding fat and calories.

And some of these ingredients do require chopping.

ie; onions, peppers, celery and fresh herbs come to mind.

(You may be wondering why we didn't list garlic to chop, it's because we have a handy, dandy garlic press.)

Love that press!

The hand chopper makes it quick and easy to chop all of these without chopping your fingers.

P.S. Works awesome on chopping nuts too!

#8. On our kitchen tips list is a Microwave Container/Steamer

In our opinion this is a must have because if you're eating healthy.

That means lots of super natural vegetables, right?

One of the easiest and most nutritious ways to cook veggies is in a steamer (where the veggies sit just above the water).

A microwave container steamer lets you have the best of both worlds.

You're using the microwave (fast), yet your veggies are sitting above the water and being steamed.

Cost: Gee, I don't think you can find one over $10.

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