Fountain of Youth

Could Detoxification be the proverbial

Fountain of Youth

The following is something we find very interesting!

A Dr. Alexis Carrel, performed an amazing experiment in the early 1900's.

He managed to sustain the life of cells from a chicken embryo.

By immersing it in a solution containing all the nutrients necessary for life.

And changing the solution daily.

The cells soaked up nutrients from the nutrient-rich broth.

And excreted their wastes into the same solution.

The only thing Dr. Carrel did each day was dispose of the old solution and replace it with a fresh nutrient solution.

The chicken cells lived for 29 years until one night Dr. Carrel's assistant forgot to change the polluted solution!

We don't know how much longer the cell's life could have been maintained though.

Dr. Carrel concluded that the cell is actually immortal.

It's the fluid in which it floats that degenerates.

The fluid that needs to be renewed.

Give the cell something on which to feed.

And so far as we know life could go on forever.

We know the average "free run" chicken lives about 7 years.

Dr. Carrel's detoxified and properly nourished chicken cell lived for 29 years.

That's right, 29 YEARS!

It’s hard to believe that our human body could live indefinitely.

But it's true.

A similar level of vibrant health and longevity can be attained in you and I by following a similar principal.

In Search of Your Fountain of Youth?

Every cell in our body excretes waste material.

This material becomes poisonous to our bodies if we allow it to build up faster than we renew the fluid in which it floats.

According to the above experiment, this is the cause of aging.

Our bodies have been designed to utilize natural substances.

Including natural foods, herbs and phytochemicals.

Any foreign substance will serve as a stimulus to our immune system.

Which has the function of removing these substances.

Although the toxicity of a chemical varies.

It's the job of the liver to reduce toxins into compounds that our body can safely handle.

And eliminate through the kidneys (as urine), skin (as sweat), lungs (as expelled air), bowels (as well you know) and degeneration.

Factors such as time and saying "that's life" fade from the picture.

The fact is, every 7 years you and I have a completely new set of bones, teeth, skin and hair.

So, if we think about it, a person should be able to look and feel better than they did 7 years ago.

By changing and improving the way they take care of their own body.

As the good doctor took care of his chicken cell.

Time alone is not a disease or poison.

It's the toxins that build up that our body can't withstand.

And the deterioration begins.

In other words, "time alone" is not the cause of death.

Poisons Are the Cause of Death of Life Forms

So, again thinking logically and from the above data.

By detoxifying our cells, we can "freshen up".

Grow healthier and younger than we once were by practicing this principle.

Is the Fountain of Youth a Principle?

Periodic detoxifying of the body.

Drinking lots of fresh water and staying smart on nutrition.

Appears to work miracles.

Dr. Carrel however, proved these amazing results are not miracles, just good science.

So, have we found the proverbial fountain of youth?

Is your fountain of youth just, good science?

Read on;

Maintaining these eliminative organs in tip top working order is imperative for our good health to continue.

So, Where Is the Path to the Fountain of Youth?

While there are many detoxification programs available.

They differ in their actions and their intent.

Some detox or fountain of youth programs work only with the bowels.

Others cleanse the liver or the blood.

And others aid the kidneys or the skin in their functions.

By combining these fountain of youth programs into a "total" health program.

You can effectively restore your health to a peak level.

While looking younger and feeling healthier in the process.

Isn't that what we're all searching for?

Isn't everybody looking for the fountain of youth?

When our body is able to eliminate toxins, then our health is restored and in turn our energy and vitality are restored.

Many different approaches to detoxification and wellness will work.

Even though they attack the problem at different levels.

Any program that augments natural detoxification will improve our health.

Other factors need to be considered in our search for the fountain of youth, like nutrition, water, exercise, rest, sunshine, and fresh air.

Fountain of Youth, is it a Diet?

Detox diets help the body to eliminate toxins in many ways.

First, natural veggie diets include the fiber needed for stimulating good bowel elimination.

Veggie diets also contain the proper amounts of natural vitamins that feed and nourish the bowels and the liver.

As well as other eliminative organs.

They also include a valuable source of enzymes.

Since most veggie diets are eaten raw.

The elimination of meat from the diet for a short period of time enhances the fountain of youth program.

Because meat is so difficult to digest and requires many enzymes for its digestion.

Therefore, veggie diets are cleansing diets.

And assist our body in the elimination of toxins.

Of course, changing diets and lifestyle is easier said than done for many of us.

Most people will go to virtually any length to find their fountain of youth.

But, there are those who don’t want to change their life style for anything.

These people are difficult to motivate and will not stick with any detox program, even for a day.

They may not want to give up their sodas or cigarettes, their beer or coffee.

Don't get me wrong, they may make a few changes.

Like drinking more water between beers.

Or they may just give up the program completely.

Our way of eating has been cultivated over many, many years.

And we know, its hard to change over night.

But for those of us who do want our own fountain of youth and don’t want to rely on pills/drugs for a less than peak existence.

Natural nutritional changes are wanted.

Especially when we start feeling the results and start having more energy.

Diets are very important and are usually the basis for any detox program.

Whether it's herbs, cleansing, or other fountain of youth programs.

Detox diets will generally eliminate "trigger" foods.

Which can cause many problems with digestion and elimination.

Foods like wheat (glutens) and dairy (milk, cheese) are often the cause of allergies.

You may know someone who is lactose intolerant.

Sugar should be eliminated because of its “empty calories” and tendency to produce hypoglycemia.

I've cut out sugar by switching to a sugar derivative.

I noticed positive effects almost immediately.

Meats could be eliminated because they can contain hormones, antibiotics and are difficult to digest.

We all love a barbecue, but like most things....moderation.

Refined, processed and junk foods are also out of the question for any fountain of youth program to work.

Herbal Detoxification and your fountain of youth

Generic diets for detoxification are good.

But may not stimulate the liver, lungs or the kidneys as much as one would like.

So, natural herbal cleanses may be in order when we want to cleanse to the max and be organ specific.

Of course, herbs are foods too and provide us with vitamins, minerals and enzymes for excellent nutrition.

Herbs are powerful, because they can be combined together to fortify those herbs that aid specific organs.

For example, herbal combination's that aid the liver are found in many organic food stores.

The list below shows how herbal combination's help our various organs.

Skin Cleansing and your fountain of youth

Your personal fountain of youth program should include some type of skin cleansing.

Our skin is one of our best and largest eliminative organs.

Heavy metals are actually released through the skin’s pores when we sweat.

Sauna baths and steam rooms are great for removing toxins from the skin and regenerating our health and energy.

It’s been documented that our skin’s sweat glands can perform as much detoxification as one (or both) kidneys.

So, it's really important to support our skin for our fountain of youth program to be maximal.

For those of us who do want our own fountain of youth and don’t want to rely on pills/drugs for a less than peak existence.

Natural nutritional changes are wanted.

Especially when we start feeling the results and start having more energy.

Diets are very important and are usually the basis for any detox program.

Whether it is herbs, cleansing, or other fountain of youth programs.

Sugar should be eliminated because of its “empty calories” and tendency to produce hypoglycemia.

I've cut out sugar and I switched to pure honey or pure maple syrup.

I noticed positive effects almost immediately.

Caffeine is wise to avoid.

Since it has many negative effects on our body’s digestion.

Refined, processed and junk foods are also out of the question for any fountain of youth program to work.

Cleansing our skin is actually very simple.

First, we need to bathe daily using natural soaps.

Then we need to care for the skin by using only natural oils and products of natural origin.

Even the clothes we wear can make a big difference in our health.

Synthetic fibers do not absorb sweat (toxins).

While natural fibers like cotton, do absorb toxins.

Exfoliating helps to remove the outer dead skin layers and keeps your pores open.

Another good method of exfoliating or skin brushing, is with vigorous toweling off after a bath or shower.

Towel roughly until the skin is slightly red.

Change towels often because they will absorb those very same toxins.

Good skin care also requires good nutrition.

Since our skin is mainly fat, we need high quality fats and oil from natural sources to give our skin health.

Butter and olive oil are two excellent natural oils.

Which keep the skin in good condition.

As always, the fats/oils should be natural.

Fountain of youth baths

Try using 1/2 cup of baking soda or use 1/2 cup of Epsom salt or 1/2 cup of sea salt.

We believe sea salt is the way to go.

Soak for 15-20 minutes and then scrub the skin gently with soap on a natural fiber.

A loufa is great.

Within a few minutes the water will turn murky and "dirty."

The murkiness in the water is heavy metals coming out of your skin (aluminum and mercury).

Do this once a week during detox and once a month for maintenance.

Juice Fasting and your fountain of youth program

Fasting with vegetable juices is my personal fave.

As it's another excellent way to develop good health and cleanse the body of toxins.

Juices, minus their pulp (fiber), contain an excellent natural source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Why no pulp you ask?

Because when the pulp is not added, you are able to drink more juice than you are able to eat.

Think about it, you can easily drink the juice of several heads of lettuce in one sitting.

But probably couldn’t eat a whole head of lettuce.

Well maybe...but you get my point.

This allows the body to get an abundance of natural nutrients with minimal processing (digestion).

Juice fasting has helped many people over come serious diseases like cancer.

Because it gave them optimal nutrition and allowed the body to cleanse itself of toxins.

(According to some nutritionists, cancer is merely a toxic condition.)

With electric or mechanical juicers, usually the pulp is discarded.

But it can be saved and added back into other meal preparations like soups or stews for fiber.

Juices contain excellent sources of natural antioxidants and enzymes.

Both of which are needed for cleansing and eliminating toxins.

Juices are also easy to digest and to help those with digestive problems.

Antioxidants and your fountain of youth program

The use of antioxidants, like vitamins-A, E and especially C, are very essential for detoxification.

Since they are involved with the elimination of toxins.

Antioxidants help cells to neutralize free radicals that can cause mutations and cellular damage.

As these free radicals are neutralized.

The antioxidant vitamins will be used and exhibit low levels.

Vitamin-A and E are fat soluble and will be found in our fat tissues/stores.

But vitamin-C is water soluble and will be found mainly in our skin.

Vitamin-C is also involved with many other important bodily functions.

Like collagen formation, wound healing, energy production and fighting off colds (viruses).

The function of antioxidants is so important that any deficiency of them will be seen as catastrophic to one’s health.

When our antioxidants are low.

Energy is not available and detoxification cannot take place in a normal fashion.

Therefore, toxins accumulate or are stored until they can be processed.

The liver and many other organs are compromised in their functions when antioxidants are low.

Simply the lack of energy is enough to cause the body to have compromised or poor health.

Because it's energy that's needed for the removal of toxins and wastes.

Vitamin-C should be taken with bioflavonoid to ensure that all the components of the vitamin-C complex are taken together, since they all work in tandem.

Pure ascorbic acid is called vitamin-C, but does little by itself.

We tend to think that ascorbic acid as vitamin-C.

But it is only part of the vitamin-C complex.

Vitamin-C is very essential to any fountain of youth program.

Because that's what the body uses for energy to process and eliminate these toxic wastes.

I like this analogy.

Think of vitamin-C as the gas in the garbage truck carrying toxins to the dump.

Without gas, the garbage truck isn't going to remove wastes, let alone move at all.

Without vitamin-C our body is not going to "dump" its toxic load.

Therefore, ensure you take lots of vitamin-C.

And always take vitamin-C with bio-flavonoid for the full benefit.

Vitamin-C can be taken in very high doses until the bowel tolerance level [BTL] is achieved.

This BTL is different for different people.

Some people reach their tolerance at 4-5 grams (4,000-5,000 mg).

And others may not reach tolerance until 10-15 grams (10,000-15,000 mg).

Cancer patients often take 20-30 grams (20,000-30,000 mg) of vitamin-C before tolerance is reached.

By taking vitamin-C to its tolerance level we find out a) what our BTL is and b) how saturated our body is with Vitamin C.

Vitamin-C has been found to be very effective in helping many patients over come that killer disease called cancer.

Perhaps it was because vitamin-C was needed for detoxing of the toxins which "caused" the cancer in the first place.

Enzymes and your fountain of youth program

The use of enzymes in finding your fountain of youth is important.

The body needs an adequate supply of enzymes.

Not only for digestion, but also for detoxification.

Enzymes are best gotten from natural fresh fruits and vegetables.

The enzymes in our foods help us to digest that food.

But many foods today are processed, refined, heated (cooked), radiated and stored, which destroys enzymes.

Foods with enzymes destroyed will have a longer shelf life, yes.

But will not give you or I one iota of health benefit when it’s eaten.

Natural fresh fruits and vegetables are the best source for enzymes and help to give us vibrant health.

Enzymes are also used by the body in detoxification of toxic substances.

Our liver is the source of most detoxification enzymes, which it must make, or store.

To aid the body in removing and eliminating wastes and toxins.

Enzymes are best taken in between meals.

This way they do not get involved with digestion.

But go to the liver and to the blood for detoxification.

Preserving enzymes is the key to over coming disease and living to a ripe old age while remaining healthy.

In other words. "our fountain of youth".

Yes, vitamins and minerals are important.

But vitamins are enzyme co-factors and many minerals are used to activate enzymes.

Therefore, the vitamins and minerals themselves are only augmenting the role of the enzymes.

Which are eliminating toxins and supporting your metabolism.

Enzymes also help our bowels in cleansing.

Because they soften the bowel content.

Which makes transit and elimination much easier.

The role of enzymes in digestion is to break down foods for digestion and absorption.

When foods are broken down they become softer and the bowels move much easier and faster.

Transit time is decreased and our health is increased when toxins are removed and eliminated.

Perhaps, this is a link to breaking the "constipation chain".

Enzymes are the key to health.

Preserve our enzymes and we will be healthy for a long time.

A Link between a Toxic Body and Obesity?

Dr. Harper - "Toxic overload sets the stage for many health challenges".

The majority of the world's population cleanse for good health.

By following their example, we could be healthier and slimmer.

After all, cleansing is the key to permanent weight loss.

America is overlooking the real cause of its ever-expanding waistline.

The problem isn't so much people's lack of self-control.

It's more of a "toxic food environment".

Most people have become obsessed with food.

We don’t realize that our body is like a beautiful orchestra out of tune.

As a result of improper eating and lifestyle habits that have contributed to a whole-body system that is constipated.

And asphyxiated with yeast, parasites, chemicals and toxins.


Your body, over time, is continually adjusting.

Recovering and healing from some form of illness and/or injury.

Our bodies are continually adapting to its ever-changing environment and lifestyle eating habits.

Its a fact, the body is a healer and is a master at healing itself and on its own.

When provided with the right cleansing and restorative foods at the right time.

Toxins in the body obtained from commercial vegetables, fast foods, breathing dirty air.

Drinking un-purified water, and the loss of natural hormones contributes to weight gain.

Premature aging and nearly every age-related health problem.

Over-eating and the absorption of the wrong foods also contribute to weight gain and obesity.

According to "National Geographic", studies have discovered various chemicals from our foods and environment.

That indicate humans contribute 700,000 tons of pollutants into the air every day.

Ranging from everyday household cleaners to cosmetics and hair dyes.

That is scary stuff!

Your fountain of youth is within reach!

Detoxification may produce symptoms of headaches, nausea, malaise and vomiting due to the toxins being released.

If this occurs, you should back off your fountain of youth program and proceed a little slower.

Starting your fountain of youth program with detoxification can have difficult results when toxins are released into the circulation.

Our body needs to be primed and ready to eliminate toxins before they are released.

Ease into your fountain of youth program.

We do this by getting the bowels working.

Keeping the skin clean and getting the kidneys and lungs operating.

Only by having all organs of elimination in proper operating order can our body begin to dump toxins efficiently and maximally.

Keeping the skin clean and healthy is of prime importance too.

Detoxification is essential in attaining our own fountain of youth.

Our body must eliminate toxins daily or we would die... immediately.

Since our environment is more toxic today than ever.

Our livers are over stressed with environmental toxins to deal with daily.

Processing other toxins when the liver is stressed would be delayed.

As I mentioned, detoxification is also a lifestyle change.

It’s the way we live that determines our health and how our liver processes toxins.

Detoxification is easy if we eat a wholesome natural organic diet and live life in a natural way.

In other words ... eat Natures Super Foods!

But for those who want their "cake" and to eat it too.

Detoxification will be compromised and your personal fountain of youth will remain on the distant horizon.

A change in your lifestyle may be needed and detoxification will be forthcoming.

Nature has afforded us the chance to live in a toxic environment and not be affected by it.

Of course, we have to live right to get that chance.

Without detoxification we may not get a second chance.

The fountain of youth is within our reach.

But first we must cleanse our "temple".

And eat a wholesome natural diet that provides us with maximal nutrients and fiber.

Herbs can help us stimulate the liver, lungs, kidneys and bowels when needed.

But diet is the first priority in any fountain of youth program.

Don’t become overly dependent on herbal laxatives though.

When toxins are released, you may feel lousy for a day or two.

But when your good health is restored you'll have renewed energy and will wonder why you waited so long.

Many people living today have never known what good health feels like.

They survive with an abundance of toxins and an existence less than healthy.

Your fountain of youth is not hard to find.

But does require diligence and life style changes which are compatible with toxin elimination.

“Death begins in the colon.”

With good toxin elimination through natural detoxification programs our health and energy are restored.

We hope you have found some useful and valuable information here that you can immediately apply.

To you and your family’s lifestyle for better natural health.

A good start might be to alter our shopping list choices.

After all it is only you or I that put those processed snacks in the shopping cart.

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