Cupuacu ~ Super Fruits

The next super food treasure is this one, harvested in the Amazon rain-forest.

This delicious fruit happens to be a potent health resource, as well.

It contains unique antioxidant phyto-nutrients called polyphenols.

This super fruit grows on a small to medium tree in the rain-forest canopy.

That belongs to the Cocoa family and can reach up to 20 meters in height.

This super fruit has been a primary food source in the rain-forest.

For both indigenous peoples and animals alike.

It's pronounced coo-pwah-sue.

It's another of those fantastic Brazilian rain-forest exotic herbal super fruits.

Fresh from the Amazonian region of the world.

This super antioxidant comes loaded with many health benefits.

Put cupuacu with acai and you have serious synergy in motion.

Cupuacu belongs to the same family of raw ingredients in chocolate called cocoa.

Hence it has a high flavonoid content.

Nutritionally it's a very soothing herb for your intestinal tract.

This super fruit has a long history of use in alleviating abdominal pain (belly aches).

Since this super food does not have the high concentration of caffeine that cocoa has.

Those who become hyper on chocolate won't have to fear that ill effect.

Because of it's unique polyphenol empowerment.

One should expect this nutritional to give skin a healthier.

More radiant and youthful look.

By fortifying the skin to maintain its elasticity and suppleness.

Cupuacu will decrease the risk of chronic diseases.

Since it prevents toxic overload by quenching many free radicals.

Besides the awesome antioxidant profile.

It has the capability of lowering bad cholesterol and inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

Thus making LDL (bad) cholesterol less dangerous.

Further analysis of this amazing super fruit has revealed.

That, in addition to the health boosting theograndins (superior antioxidants).

It contains at least nine other antioxidants, including the powerful vitamins C and A.

This makes this super-fruit a real "one stop shop" for antioxidant replenishment.

It's also rich in Vitamins-B1, B2, & B3 (Niacin), as well as essential fatty acids and amino acids.

This newest super fruit discovery is known for its creamy exotic tasting pulp.

The pulp is used throughout Brazil and Peru to make fresh juice, ice cream, jam and tarts.

This super fruit ripens in the rainy months from January to April.

And is considered a culinary delicacy in South American cities.

The seeds contain a sweet-smelling, white butter.

Which can also be used to make excellent-quality white chocolate.

Indigenous peoples, as well as local communities along the Amazon.

Have cultivated Cupuacu as a primary food source for generations.

In former times, the seeds were traded along the Rio Negro and Upper Orinoco rivers.

Where indigenous people drink Cupuacu juice.

After it has been blessed by a shaman to help difficult births.

The "beans" are utilized by the indigenous Tikuna people for abdominal pains.

Cupuacu also has a unique type of polyphenols called theograndins.

Theograndins have potent antioxidant activity.

And provide cardiovascular protective and immune supportive benefits.

Which can be important to diabetics or anyone with a weakened immune system.

Yet, everyday brings new findings.

Of other advantages of theograndins that are unique to Cupuacu.

Cupuacu ~ The Pharmacy In A Fruit

Some of the reported benefits of this amazing super fruit include:

Reduces the signs of aging and promotes healthier skin and hair from the inside out.

Boosts immune system.

Enhance and boost sexual performance.

Destroys free radicals.

Increases vitality and energy levels.

Helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Support for cognitive functions.

Works as a cell-protective antioxidant drink.

Promotes heart health.

Increases your body's ability to fight disease and cancer cells.

The antioxidants in Cupuaçu are extremely potent.

And provide outstanding cardiovascular and immune system benefits.

This is because antioxidants are essential to help us neutralize free radicals.

The compounds that often cause the body to grow wrinkled.

And develop degenerative disease.

Powerful antioxidants are also an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

As they protect artery walls from the damage that can lead to heart disease.

By destroying the damage free radicals cause.

The marvelous discovery about the polyphenols in this Amazon super fruit.

Is that they're totally unique and have never been seen before.

This new revelation is causing a stir in scientific circles.

And has prompted experts to give the new polyphenols in this super food their own name.

These theograndins are excellent antioxidants.

And can help you achieve the best health the natural way.

Theograndins found in Cupuaçu.

Were uniquely effective at destroying colon cancer cells, among others.

This super fruit also contains essential fatty acids, such as the Omegas 3 and 6.

These fatty acids help to reduce 'bad' cholesterol.

And keep the good cholesterol intact.

This mix of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Makes it an essential ingredient.

In the fight to maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

The Tikuna tribesmen of the Amazon.

Have used Cupuaçu fruit and pulp as a natural source of energy.

Much like the energy found in caffeine in dark chocolate.

Cupuaçu juice has even been used by Shamen to help with abdominal discomfort.

And midwives to help ease strong labor pains.

The fruit provides a host of healthy benefits for the body.

Especially for those who live in our stressful, fast paced world.

It stimulates the immune system naturally.

While increasing both energy and stamina.

Without the nervousness or "jitters".

That can be caused by other, synthetic caffeine sources.

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