Cucumbers ~ Super Vegetables

These super vegetables stay cooler than the ambient temperature around them.

Making them a perfect snack during a heat wave.

They were once thought to be devoid of nutrients, but not any more!

As it turns out, their most nutritious part is the dark green skin.

So consider buying them organic.

To avoid the wax and pesticides that are often sprayed on conventionals.

Five Great Reasons to Cool Down with Them

1. They support proper bone development.

They're high in vitamin-C.

Which plays a pivotal role in the creation of collagen.

A key component in the development of the bone matrix as well as the development of healthy hair skin and nails.

Recent research suggests that scurvy is still a health concern.

An inadequate intake of vitamin-C.

Can cause modern day symptoms of this olden-days condition.

2. Cukes are great for your heart,

The skin contains caffeic acid.

This is an antioxidant.

That is shown to prevent further damage to the cells of the heart following a heart attack.

The most amount of damage that is caused by a heart attack.

Is a result of the free radicals and caffeic acid helps to mop these up.

3. Prevent osteoporosis.

As well as good amounts of vitamin-C.

Cukes also contain a considerable amount of silica (orthosilicic acid) in their skin.

Silica has been proven to work in synergy with calcium and vitamin-D.

To increase collagen production in the bones.

And avoid deterioration and brittle bones.

Which can lead to fractures.

4. Keeping your brain sharp.

Cucumber contains a trace mineral called molybdenum.

A vital component of many enzyme functions in the entire body, not just in our digestive tract.

These reactions are needed for proper brain function, motor control and memory retention.

Molybdenum is especially important in the enzyme functions of the brain.

5. It's the ultimate weight-loss food.

Along with being high in fiber and water.

They're one of the only vegetables containing the amino acid tryptophan.

Tryptophan has the ability to convert into serotonin.

Which is a neurotransmitter that elevates our mood.

Tryptophan has recently been successful in stopping emotional and binge eatin.

And is being used with great success to treat obesity and curb appetite.

Cucumber Salmon Rolls

One of the greatest escapes in Canada is heading to a lake or river during summer.

When summer temperatures hit 37 degrees.

You just can't bear to think of turning on the oven.

These tasty rolls are packed with protein and omega 3.

And the cukes provide zeazanthin.

Which protects the eyes from the UV sunlight you might experience on a bright summer day.


1 med. English variety

100 g. smoked salmon

1/2 c. fresh dill sprigs

2 Tbs. whole grain mustard


1. Cut cuke in half crosswise.

2. Using a vegetable peeler or a mandolin.

Cut thin strips lengthwise from each half, turning as you reach the seeds.

You want strips with a band of green skin at the top and bottom.

3. Add a two-inch (five-cm.) square piece of salmon to the strip.

4. Tear off dill springs into two-inch pieces and layer on top of salmon.

5. Top with some whole grain mustard.

6. Roll up the cucumber.

Makes four servings

Note: Smoked trout can be substituted for salmon.

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