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Chamomile tea may help women live longer, according to new research.

Drinking the herbal brew was linked with a 29 per cent lower risk of early death from all causes, the Daily Mail recently reported.

But it's not good news for men.

As the positive effects in women were not replicated for the guys.

Researchers aren't clear yet, why the tea prolongs women's lives.

Or why it only works for the one gender.

It's one of the oldest.

Most-widely used and well-documented medicinal plants in the world.

And has been recommended for a variety of afflictions.

Here's a brief description of the herb;

It's a spicy, evergreen perennial, that's carpet-forming.

Leaves are up to 5 cm and are finely separated.

Flowers with yellow disks and creamy white florets.

Appear alone on long stalks in the summer.

These are common to Western Europe.

Northern America, and the Azores.

Parts used;

The dried flowers and essential oil are used.


An aromatic and bitter herb.

With anti inflammatory and relaxant properties.

Especially effective on the digestive system.

It contains a volatile oil that is high in esters of angelic.

Tiglic, methacrylic and isobuturic acids.

C3 and C6 alcohols, together with azulenic compounds.

As well as sesquiterpenoids of the germacranolide type (nobilin).

Flavone glycosides (apigenine, luteolin and opatuletin-7).

Triterpenes, esters of caffeic and ferulic acid.

And polyacetylenes.

It has anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory.

Anti-diuretic, sedative and anti-tumor properties.

With the oil having anti-microbial properties as well.

Therapeutic uses;

* Internal use

* Commonly known as a relaxing tea to be used to treat insomnia.

Anxiety, and temper tantrums in children.

* It is further helpful in cases of digestive problems, colic, dyspepsia (stress induced).

Fever, painful menstruation and hyperactivity.

* External use

* The flowers are used to treat rashes and irritated skin.

Also to counteract the effects of anger or caffeine.

* Used as an inhalation for asthma and bronchial congestion.

* Although the effects of German and Roman chamomile are very much alike.

The Roman variety is normally preferred for skin care products.

As it has a more effective anti-inflammatory.

And pain killing effect on the skin.

* Aromatherapy and essential oil use

* This essential oil is particularly good for easing irritation.

Impatience and a general sense of dissatisfaction.

* It is furthermore helpful with irregular periods, abdominal pain.

And has good anti-inflammatory actions on the skin.

And is effective when used to treat diaper rash.

* Its anti-allergy action on the skin.

Makes it a favorite to calm red, irritated and stressed skin.

* It has analgesic, anti-neuralgic, antiseptic.

Antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative.

Cicatrisant, digestive, emmenagogue.

Hepatic, nerve sedative and tonic properties.

Safety precautions and warnings;

Handling fresh chamomile plants may cause dermatitis in some individuals.

Please note that the essential oil is said to stimulate the uterus.

And should be used with care in pregnancy.

Allergic reactions may occur.

And normally to people allergic to daisies.

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