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Can chocolate and oysters make you more passionate?

We're going to tell you if there's any truth to the libido boosting promises.

Or if it's all wishful thinking.

Since the beginning of time.

Lovers have searched for that magical elixir to stir sexual desire.

Love potion peddlers have marketed everything from oysters and ginseng.

To scallops and Spanish fly as potential love enhancers.

But do they work?

Unfortunately, despite the huge market for aphrodisiacs.

Most do nothing to boost sex drive.

Including Viagra, which affects sexual function, not desire.


New research indicates.

That some supplements containing L-arginine, a natural amino acid are showing promise.

And Concordia University is currently testing a new nasal spray drug, PT-141.

That may help trigger sexual desire in men and women.

Your Mind's Power Over Libido.

Science, however is still unable to prove.

That traditional aphrodisiacs such as oysters and chocolate can actually heighten desire.

There's no scientific evidence that any of these so-called aphrodisiacs work.

And since sex therapists, among others, say that the mind is the primary source of sexual arousal.

Any test of a suspected aphrodisiac would have to measure the placebo effect.

In control groups [for sexual research].

Even those who received the placebo will report an increase in sex drive.

Because they believe it will work."

While science may give the cold shoulder to food's ability to give the libido a lift.

Some celebrity chefs chuckle at those who underestimate the power of food on passion.

You can set the right mood, with the right foods.

Chocolate contains certain ingredients.

That seem to mimic the [chemical] effect of when you're aroused.

We're referring to phenylethylamine (PEA).

One of more than 400 different chemicals contained in chocolate.

Some scientists believe.

This chemical can create the same feelings we experience when we're in love.

Seductive Edibles

Other foods, such as asparagus, pomegranates, strawberries and oysters.

Have been tagged as aphrodisiacs because of their erotic shape or color.

Red, for example, is suggestive of sexual flushing and excitement.

And anything we can eat with our fingers is very, very sensual.

It also helps, if the food is very hard to find or exotic.

Not surprisingly.

There are those that are unequivocal on the libido raising effect of downing a dozen oysters.

Over the years.

A restauranteur friend of ours has watched subtle and not so subtle.

Under the table hanky-panky increase with each plate.

One couple told him that a night of eating oysters was responsible for their baby.

8 Seductive Fruits

Juice up your sex life with fabulous foreplay fruits.


Look at one.

The banana is nature's most well-known phallic symbol.

And yes, it's thought to have aphrodisiac qualities beyond its appearance.

The male libido may be perked up due to natural chemicals found in bananas.

Put together a banana split (with an uncut banana) and top it with whipped cream and cherries.

Who needs a dish when you have a willing partner's stomach nearby?

Ripe bananas are great for smearing and licking.

Peaches & apricots:

Many a nice bottom has been described as a "perfect peach".

And that's not surprising when you pick up a peach, or its smaller and as sexy cousin, the apricot.

The Chinese have long been associating apricots and peaches.

With sexual ripeness and sensuality.

Caress the soft, fuzzy covering.

And feel the juicy flesh that awaits underneath and you'll find out why.

The aroma is unmistakable and is known to have a sexual affect on men.


Dates are particularly thought to be inspiring for women.

The dark, moist pungent flesh of the date is reminiscent of other dark, moist delights.

In some parts of the world, there is a more practical side to eating a date.

In Iran, dates are reputed to be good for someone whose sex life is in a slump.


Open a papaya, and what are you going to be thinking about?


The wet black seeds inside have been compared to another natural aphrodisiac: caviar.

Follow a papaya with a mango for him and some cherries for you to balance your yin and yang.


Perhaps the fig leaves found on Adam and Eve were evidence of what actually led to their downfall.

Forget the apple, the fig is thought to act as a strong sexual stimulant.

It's also viewed as a symbol for fertility and love.

Like oysters, believed to be one of the strongest food aphrodisiacs.

Figs are thought to resemble a woman's vulva when aroused.

Are you starting to believe that anytime and all the time, is the perfect time.

To gather ripe fresh fruit for indulgences of a sweet and juicy nature.

Visiting friends need not know.

That your overflowing fruit basket indicates anything but a healthy, super foods appetite.

Red, ripe strawberries, juice flowing from fingers down to lips.

The berries, the ice cream, the whipped cream.

Think of the passion, think of the sensuality, think of the calories.

The good news is.

You can skip the whipped cream and still reap many sensual.

As well as healthful benefits of fruit while getting your heart rate pumping in fun and sexy ways.

If you associate fruit with salads, cocktails, cleansing masks or even shampoo.

It's time to investigate some of its more invigorating qualities.

Fruits have long been regarded as nature's aphrodisiacs.

But do they have sexual powers?

Yes, juicy, yummy, ripe.

You can't help but think about sex.

When you think about cherries or strawberries in a romantic setting.

Indulging in fruits with aphrodisiac reputations can act as powerful foreplay.

As well as provide natural sexual aids during intercourse.

Lush, fleshy, juicy tropical fruit carries the strongest links to sexual activity.

No matter how you slice it, they all work together to inspire deliciously messy abandon.

Cherries, berries and mangoes, oh my!


Red, ripe cherries are pleasurable eaten washed or plucked out of a bowl of its own juices.

This sensuous liquid can also be used to moisten lips, nipples and other body parts for licking clean.

Cherries are thought to be a strong aphrodisiac for women in particular.

You don't have to prepare anything fancy in the kitchen.

Have a cherry rubbed up and down your body, fed to you or dipped in dark chocolate for a taste revelation.


Strawberries have long been associated with romance.

Chocolate and sensuality, begging to be fed to one another.

For fruit therapy eat them washed or cover them in either white or dark chocolate.

The ripe, red fruit offers natural juice to be spread on lips, waiting to be licked off.


The mango is known in some circles as "The Love Fruit."

In India, the mango tree is thought to be able to grant wishes.

Make your wishes comes true after a feast on this highly touted "natural Viagra" fruit.

The Kamasutra even recommends drinking mango juice before engaging in sexual play.

Loaded with zinc, sugar, and other nutrients, this fruit is reputed to increase stamina.

So there you have it, more compelling reasons to increase your intake of natures super fruits!

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