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The all-encompassing reason for this site and this page.

Is that many people are experiencing stress about "BigPharma".

Big Pharma invents a pill or potion in the laboratory.

In many instances, based on what Nature provides already.

Nature cannot be patented.

Thus there would be little monetary gain for these conglomerates and their shareholders.

We've seen many instances.

"BigPharma" announces a new, "patented" remedy for a particular ailment.

They'll spend 15 seconds describing the virtues of this "new" wonder drug.

Then another 45 seconds (as an example) warning you of it's side effects.

In many ads, the side effect is potentially worse than the ailments to be treated.


And the crazier part is, sometimes these warnings could mean death.

Not only that, we get to pay an arm and a leg for it.

This is the reason many people are experiencing increased stress.

It's all about the money folks, plain and sadly simple.

So, please know that neither the SA Medical Council, nor the USA, FDA.

Has evaluated any of the statements about products and health conditions.

As listed on this page.

These home remedies may or may not work for your particular condition (depending on severity and other variables).

But based on our research, findings and even personal trials, many of these tinctures and teas do and will.

Please note these are not magic, one use wonders.

It does (based on experience) take time for the natural inhibitors to build up.

And take effect within the body.

Moderation and consistency appears to be a key factor.

Before we begin.

Another option you might consider is Chinese medicine, which can include acupuncture.

Asthma Remedy

Athletes Foot

Blood pressure - High - Low

Body Odor


Chapped Lips

Cholesterol (High)

Cold Sores

Cold & Flu



Diabetes Remedy

Dry Skin



Hay Fever


Heartburn Remedy

Hot Flashes


Kidney Stone

Low Libido


Menstrual Cramps

Migraine Headaches


Prostate Protection



Urinary Tract Infection

Yeast Infection assumes no risk or liability for your use or misuse of information contained on this website.

Health-related information changes frequently, and while every attempt has been made to ensure the content on this site is accurate, you should always check with a doctor or nutrition expert before undertaking any substantial change in diet or lifestyle for any ailments.

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