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Eating back the years.

Every year, people are living just a little bit longer.

By way of consuming more natural foods and using natural remedies.

This is partly due to our success in battling childhood diseases like Polio.

As well as adult conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Scientists are discovering why our bodies are breaking down.

And how to put the brakes on our own destruction.

We're expanding our life spans.

In other words, the number of years that we can expect to live in robust good health.

Once we understand and manage the ways in which our bodies generate harmful molecules.

Which are major factors in this biological process.

We'll be able to reach out and grasp that 120 year life span.

The Power of Antioxidants

Research has identified the most important contributor to heart disease, wrinkles, cancer and arthritis.

And many of the other problems associated with getting older.

In a sense and like metal, we "rust".

The same air that gives us life is what causes metal to rust.

Fruit to turn brown and our bodies' cells to break down and get old.

Through a series of chemical changes, oxygen molecules in our bodies lose electrons.

Making them unstable.

These unstable molecules are free radicals.

In frantic attempts to stabilize themselves.

Free radicals pillage electrons from healthy cells throughout our body.

Every time they steal an electron, two things will happen.

A healthy molecule is not only damaged, but more free radicals accumulate.

Unless this process ceases.

An increasing number of cells are damaged every day and our health pays the price.

To keep this destructive process under control, nature created an enormous arsenal of antioxidants.

Which are compounds in foods that can halt free radicals from doing harm.

Antioxidants come between free radicals and our bodies healthy cells.

Offering up their own electrons and preventing yours from being pillaged.

Even though the body produces its own antioxidants.

Studies show that the antioxidants in super foods offer superior protection.

Three of the strongest antioxidants are beta-carotene and vitamins-C and E.

Each of these nutrients is effective.

Against related illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Although you can get some protection by taking antioxidant supplements.

Doctors agree that the antioxidants in super foods are a better choice.

And should be your first line of defense.

The problem is, if you take too much of one antioxidant, the others shut down.

It's best to get them through foods like fruits and vegetables.

Where they exist in the proportions nature intended.

Since so many foods are loaded with antioxidants.

You shouldn't need to take supplements anyway.

The quickest way to get vitamin-C, for example.

Is to have a glass of grapefruit juice, an orange or a half cup of sweet red peppers.

Each of which provides more than 100 percent of the Daily Recommended Allowance (DRA).

For beta-carotene.

Deep green or bright orange fruits and vegetables are your best picks in your battle.

One sweet potato or large carrot delivers between 12 and 15 milligrams.

More than the 6 to 10 milligrams that experts recommend.

Unlike vitamin-C and beta-carotene, vitamin-E is a bit trickier to get from foods.

Because it's found in high-fat foods, such as vegetable oils that we'd rather avoid.

Still, you can get quite a bit of vitamin-E in wheat germ, with 1/4 cup providing 4 milligrams, 20 percent of the DRA.

Nuts and seeds are also good sources of vitamin-E.

Even though these three are essential antioxidants.

They're not the only ones you want in your arsenal.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with plant compounds called phyto-nutrients.

Which also have antioxidant abilities.

Some phyto-nutrients have shown to disable cancer causing substances as well.

In a study at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Researchers found people who got the most glutathione.

A phyto-nutrient.

Found in avocados, fruit, winter squash, oranges, tomatoes and potatoes, had lower blood pressures.

Lower cholesterol levels and maintained healthier weights than folks who got the least.

Getting enough of these antioxidants won't guarantee that you live to be 150.

But, they will help you reach your greatest life span.

And with some people only living to 60, adding another 15 years would often be quite nice.

Another weapon to include in our arsenal is stress and relaxation techniques.

Which can enhance our longevity.

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