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9 Superfoods That Could Save Your Life
May 22, 2015
J.R. and I hope you're well and adding natures super foods to your family's diet!

It's when information meets inspiration that a newsletter can help you lead a healthy and active life.

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9 Superfoods That Could Save Your Life

Fill Up on These Powerfoods

These nine superfoods, which include fats, carbs (gasp!) and even chocolate, will infuse you with energy, help prevent disease and can help you look younger and potentially add years on to your life.


No wonder Valentine’s chocolates come in heart-shaped boxes.

Dark chocolate has been shown to protect your ticker by lowering blood pressure, with antioxidants to boost immunity.

Twenty semi-sweet chocolate chips can satisfy your chocolate cravings so that you don’t give in to a while chocolate bar.

Toss a Ziploc full in the freezer, then enjoy without guilt.

More Cheese, Please

Part-skim ricotta cheese is a delicious way to strengthen your bones, while rebuilding muscles and organs.

This low-sodium, high-calcium protein source is a great replacement for cream cheese.

Spread on waffles and toast with a sprinkle on cinnamon, or fold into spaghetti sauce to bolster the protein component of a pasta meal.

Sweet on Potatoes

There’s a reason sweet potatoes rank the most nutritious of all vegetables.

Their levels of Vitamin-A are off-the-charts.

They’re also a disease-prevention powerhouse food, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

And they’re a great form of starch, supplying the glucose needed to fuel our brain, muscles and organs.

It’s a tasty reminder not to cut carbs; they’re essential to optimal health.

Hot for Heatlh

Hot peppers add zest to your dinner while punching up immunity.

The source of their heat, called capsaicin, plays a role in curbing obesity, fighting cancer and diabetes, and inhibiting the nasty bacteria that induce stomach ulcers.

Remember to wear disposable gloves when handling these hotties in the kitchen.

Turnip Up Some

Turnip greens are a great food for heart, bone and eye health.

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and even calcium, turnips bolster the linings of blood vessels to keep blood pumping efficiently, deterring any hardening of the arteries that might lead to heart disease.

Haddock Rocks

Boasting all the virtues of seafood without the excess mercury, low-calorie haddock nourishes the brain with omega-3 fatty acids and destroys the triglycerides that threaten heart health.

This white fish also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps slash the risk of hypertension.

Its quick- cooking fillets make for an easy weeknight dinner.


It’s crunch time!

This fiber-filled fruit can reduce allergic reactions, protect against cancer and diabetes, lower cholesterol and relieve both constipation and diarrhea.

No wonder it’s a teacher’s pet.

And with the range of varieties in the markets, from teasingly tart to super-sweet, you’re bound to find the apple of your eye.

Go Nutty

Walnuts are the supreme heart health food, due to their rich supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

Enjoy a quarter-cup a few times per week for high-fiber satisfaction, protein and great anti-inflammatory power.

Walnuts also provide ellagic acid, a potential trove of anticancer prevention.

Blueberry Goodness

Last, but certainly not least are blueberries.

They're actually ranked first in antioxidants among all other fruits and vegetables, blueberries are “high-octane fuel” for the body’s health.

Blueberries also prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls, helping avoid those dreaded UTIs.

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have today.

We wish you and your family the very best in health and happiness!

J.R. and I truly hope this information helps, and you found some value in this edition!

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