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Super Foods for a Super Year
January 04, 2013
Marilyn and I hope you're well and we wish you the utmost happiness and health for 2013!

Today J.R. and I thought we'd share with you the best superfoods for a New Year!

Remember to, "live longer and live younger!"

These eight superfoods will help fight aging, prevent cancer, boost energy, and more


It has more protein and less sugar than yogurt, but with the same creamy texture, tangy taste, and probiotics.

These healthy bacteria are a known immune enhancer, and may protect against colon cancer.


This slightly sweet and crunchy root veggie stars inulin, a fiber that acts as a prebiotic to promote helpful bacteria in the gut.

It's also an excellent source of vitamin-C, which can boost collagen and fight wrinkles.


One tablespoon of these nutty-tasting edible seeds has as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, plus bone-building calcium and heart-healthy omega-3s.

Chia is also a good source of iron, which as we know, many women don't get enough of.


New broccoli plants may contain up to 50 times more of the anticancer agent sulforaphane than mature stalks, but without the pungent taste.

Black Garlic

Fermentation gives this garlic its sweet, clove-and-caramel flavor and concentrates its natural antioxidants to nearly double that of a raw bulb.

These compounds help lower cholesterol and can help decrease cancer risk.

And the black variety comes without the odiferous breath!


A possible anti-breast-cancer crusader, kelp is loaded with vitamin-K, calcium, and other essential nutrients.

And its natural alginate fiber can also help block fat.

Nutritional Yeast

A single serving of these cheese-like flakes has an incredible nine grams of satiating protein and provides more than your RDA of B vitamins to help boost energy, squash stress, and decrease your risk for chronic diseases.


This sweet, nutty supergrain is rich in niacin (for healthy hair and skin) and cancer-fighting lignans.

Plus, "the soluble fiber keeps your cholesterol levels healthy, cutting your risk for heart disease.

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today.

We hope this information helps and you found some value in this edition!

Until next time, we want you to,

Live Longer & Live Younger!

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