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25 Foods to Help You Lose Weight!
January 20, 2012
Marilyn and I hope you're well and enjoying adding Nature's Super Foods to your diet!

Today we thought we'd share with you 25 foods to help you lose weight.

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An apple a day keeps the fat cells away!

A perfect grab-and-go snack, apples are loaded with pectin, a fiber that’s especially filling.

Apples provide more than four grams of dietary fiber each.

Try them microwaved with cinnamon and spray butter for a low calorie ‘baked’ treat.

Butternut Squash

Swap your Butterfingers (and butter cookies) for butternut.

This veggie is so naturally sweet, you could eat it for dessert.

“Cubed and roasted in the oven, it tastes like a treat.”

Sheep's Milk Cheese

After a summer’s worth of grazing, sheep produce cheese that hits its flavorful peak in fall.

Studies have shown that the calcium in dairy products such as sheep's milk cheese may aid in weight loss.

And the protein in sheep’s milk is double that of cow’s milk, a great way to build lean muscle mass and promote that feeling of satiety.


This veggie’s full of fiber and flavor, both of which promote fullness and digestion.

It’s also an excellent source of vitamin-A and potassium.

Concord Grapes

Sure, they make for yummy jams, but these grapes, originally cultivated in Massachusetts, also work beautifully in pies and as compote.

To remove pits, smash 'em with the back end of a chef’s knife.

These grapes contain deep pigments of blue and purple, a sign of health-boosting antioxidants.

And they’re full of fiber and water to fill you up before they fill you out.

Pop them in the freezer for an icy sweet treat, one that you'll want to savor slowly to avoid brain freeze.

A handful is just as satisfying as crackers or pretzels, with fewer calories!


High in antioxidants and low in calories, cranberries pack a tart and sweet flavor that gives zing to salads, rice dishes and even breakfast cereal.

Your taste buds (and your waistline) will leave the table happy.


The earthy flavor of this “white carrot” makes for a perfect side dish or snack.

Parsnips are packed with complex carbs, nutrients and fiber to prolong digestion.

Roasting them will bring out their best.

Sweet Potatoes

In side dishes to pies, these veggies fill you up without filling you out.

There’s a reason Christie Brinkley eats them for dessert!

The low glycemic index of sweet potatoes can definitely help stabilize blood sugars and prevent feelings of hunger.

For 120 calories, you get lots of fiber and a sweet indulgence.

Tuscan Kale

One of the healthiest vegetables around, hearty kale is loaded with fiber, folate, iron and kitamin-K.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, arrange on a baking sheet and bake till crisp, and voila, crispy “chips” that you can down by the cupful for only 35 calories!

Sweet potatoe fries...excellent, and instead of ketchup, try salsa!


With loads of fiber and flavor on the sweet side, beets stave off hunger, and satisfy your sugar cravings, with minimal calories.

Beets get a bad rap for being high in sugar, but these folate-rich orbs only contain eight grams of sugar per serving.

So load up and dig in!


A great alternative to candy, dates are a good source of iron and dietary fiber.

“Snack on them for a chewy, sweet treat.”


The best-kept secret about cauliflower?

Once cooked, it can be pureed and then added to soups as a thickener.

This will allow you to cut calories while keeping a creamy texture.

Plus, it can masquerade as mashed potatoes, for under 40 calories per cup!

A good source of potassium, it has abundant fiber to keep the belly full.

Kabocha Squash

Also known as Japanese pumpkin, this squash has a sweet, chestnut-like flavor that will hook you instantly.

Whether roasted, mashed, or in a bisque, this hardy winter squash is an excellent source of vitamin-A and dietary fiber.

Plus, the fiber will sate your stomach.


“Mother Nature packages kiwi in the perfect portion size.”

It’s only 46 calories, and that magic combo of fiber and water keeps the tummy full.


“A good source of calcium and iron, turnips add a hearty flavor to stews or roasted meats.”

Though they only have 45 calories apiece, you won’t leave the table hungry, thanks to their abundant fiber and water.


Never tried it?

This veggie’s abundant nutrients, and fiber, make it worth seeking out.

This relative of the turnip is even higher in calcium and iron.

“With a sweeter taste, it may be a good way to introduce root vegetables to your family.”

Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t throw them out after you’ve carved the jack-o'-lantern!

The healthy fats satisfy our snack attack without packing on the pounds.

At only 5 grams of fat per ounce, roasted unsalted whole pumpkin seeds are a great alternative to peanuts’ 15 grams of fat per ounce.


Pears are a great mild alternative to a tart apple, for the same 100 calories.

Sink your teeth into a raw one, or poach them to coax out the sweetness.

Keep your eyes peeled for the tiny seckel, or sugar pear, it tastes like a dessert.

Pine Nuts

In small doses, fat is a good thing: it slows digestion to keep us full between meals.

High in the healthier unsaturated fatty acids, one ounce of pine nuts makes a great crunchy addition to your pasta or salad.


Like cranberries, pomegranates perk up dishes with a minimum of extra calories.

If you're willing to put in the work of getting them out, the vitamin-C rich seeds of the pomegranate make a great sweet treat or topping for your salad.


It’s too sour to eat raw, but this fiber-packed fruit tastes great poached, roasted or baked in steaming pies or stews.

A quince dessert will leave you satisfied without having to take seconds.


Toss them in a salad, or pair them with almonds, dates or honey for a decadent snack that’s virtually guilt-free.

Sweeter than oranges and easier to peel, tangerines offer the same excellent source of vitamin-C to keep away the winter sniffles!

And, of course, the fiber and water provides insurance against overeating.

Brussels Sprouts

For under 30 calories, a serving of Brussels sprouts is packed with nutrients.

“If you haven't tried these baby cabbages since your mother forced you to eat them, give them another chance.”

For under 30 calories, one serving offers an excellent source of vitamin-A, and two grams of dietary fiber to boot.


Broccoli is rich in vitamins-A and C and contains as much calcium as half a slice of cheese, but with none of the saturated fat!

It also makes for a great veggie soup, and studies show that starting your meal with a hearty, healthy soup translates to fewer calories consumed in one sitting.

It's also great with pasta.


“Like other fruits, grapefruit is Mother’s Nature’s finest weight-loss aid.”

It has fiber to prolong digestion, squelch hunger and prevent the spike in your insulin levels that sends you scurrying to the snack aisle.

Just half a grapefruit has nearly 100 percent of your daily vitamin-C requirement, warding off energy-sapping colds.

So, on your next trip to the super-market, load up on some, or all of these excellent weight-loss foods.

Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today.

We hope enjoy the recipe and found some value in this Edition!

Until next time, we want you to,

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