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Green Tea Protects You & Your DNA

That's now a proven scientific fact, thanks to the work of Researchers.

This powerful new discovery helps explain why green tea drinkers seem to avoid weight gain, depression, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Three Reasons to Drink Green Tea

We already knew that drinking is good for you in a number of ways.

First, it purifies the body by eliminating free radicals.

Free radicals are those unstable molecules that cause disease and age your body.

Secondly, drinking green tea promotes the healthy turnover of cells in your body.

Technically it's called "apoptosis".

And it prompts old cells to die off.

So that new, healthy cells can take their place.

Apoptosis also prevents cancer by blocking the uncontrolled growth and spread of damaged cells.

And lastly, we now know that green tea also protects your DNA.

The tiny building blocks found inside nearly every cell in your body.

Many scientists compare these building blocks to an elaborate set of blueprints or instructions.

Think of your blueprint as "ground zero" for good health.

It all starts in the tiniest building blocks of your cells.

So what causes this damage?

Radiation, UV rays, toxins, chemicals.

Free radicals and unhealthy diet can all, over time, cause damage.

Fortunately your body finds and repairs most damage on its own.

In fact, special proteins.

I like to think of them as "DNA Soldiers".

Tirelessly scour your body looking for problems.

When they find a damaged strand.

They immediately tell the cell to stop dividing.

So the problem won't pass on to the next generation of cells.

And then your body goes to work repairing this damage.

This ensures that you'll go on to live a long, healthy life.

But sometimes the soldiers miss a strand.

And these damaged strands can cause problems down the road.

Such as premature aging and disease.

The good news is green tea can help prevent problems from even occurring in the first place.

Green Tea Protection

18 healthy volunteers were recruited to participate in a study examining the effects of green tea on DNA.

They divided the volunteers into two groups.

One group drank two cups of one percent green tea every day for four weeks.

The other group drank water every day for four weeks.

Researchers took samples of the participants' blood and urine before and after the month-long study.

Their analysis showed that the group who drank green tea reduced their DNA damage by 20 percent.

And that was after just 30 days of drinking green tea!

Imagine how good yours would look if you drank green tea for one whole year... or five years or 20 years!

So why stop at one cup when three is better?

Research from earlier this year shows that drinking three cups of green tea every day may significantly increase your lifespan.

This time, scientists compared the length of telomeres among green tea drinkers.

Telomeres are sequences at the end of your chromosomes.

They shorten as your cells replicate and age.

So the longer your telomeres are, the "younger" your cells.

Scientist found that men and women who drank an average of three cups of green tea per day had a big advantage over one-cuppers.

In fact, their telomeres were 4.6 kilobases longer.

Which translates into about five years of life.

So go ahead and have that second or third cup of green tea today.

It may just add five years to your life!

Just make sure to drink the real stuff made by you with tea bags.

Don't fall for the sweetened kind found in bottles.

These only contain a fraction of the antioxidants found in real green tea.

Instead, it's mostly sugar and water.

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