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There are many reports, articles and books.

Attesting to this products ability to extend one's life.

Slow down the aging process and enhance youthfulness.

These reports date back to the beginning of civilization as we know it.

The Chinese emperor Shen Nung compiled a medical encyclopedia back in 2735 BC.

Which extols the virtues of beehive products.

Throughout the ages.

Much has been written about the health giving properties of Bee Pollen.

And about the positive effect it can have on slowing down the premature aging of skin.

Much of the modern research on Bee Pollen has been carried out in Europe.


Back in the 1940's in the USA.

There was a definite shift to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs (BigPharma).

And as such many natural therapies and products were sidelined for economic reasons.

Typical of the comments which come from knowledgeable researchers and physicians are that:

* Bee Pollen is an excellent prophylaxis.

And therapeutic treatment against the precocious symptoms of old age.

It should be considered a universal geriatric treatment in the form of a natural remedy.

* An increase in mental and physical abilities.

Improvement in metabolic systems.

And the removal of other cardiovascular symptoms.

Such as arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency and other sequelae.

Food fit for a Queen!

Beehive foods are superior food sources.

Based on its research.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat.

It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life.

In a pure, raw and unadulterated form.

Bee products can provide support for almost any ailment or desired health enhancement.

One of the real appealing characters of the hive, besides the bees themselves, is bee pollen.

This miracle is considered to contain every chemical substance needed to maintain life.

Nourish, rejuvenate and heal, and nobody proves it better than the queen bee.

How a single bee can reign totally supreme in a community of thousands?

Being the sole female responsible for laying 2,000 eggs daily.

And living forty times longer than the worker bees.

The queen bee is by far the most amazing testament to bee pollen.

No wonder it's considered a complete food.

A great supplement to build the immune system and provide energy for the entire body!

Detoxification and Immunity

Bee-Pollen is used as an immune system builder.

It has the ability to correct body chemistry and eliminate unhealthy conditions.

European physicians note.

That people with an alcohol problem, when treated with pollen.

Show great reduction in alcohol cravings.

Young people who want to get off heavy drugs.

Go through minimal or no withdrawal when treated with bee pollen.

It also has the ability to throw off poisons and toxic materials from the body.

Weight Control

Bee-Pollen appears to work wonders for weight control.

By correcting a possible chemical imbalance.

Which may be involved in abnormal weight gain.

* It helps speed up caloric burn by stimulating the metabolic system.

* It also contains a high percentage of lecithin that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body.

As a side benefit this same process is very effective in lowering the bad LDL cholesterol in the blood.

* It also helps eliminate cravings.

This is due in part to the natural phenylalanine (an amino acid) present.

Which acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

A synthetic version of phenylalanine.

Called phenylpropanplamine has been developed.

And is present in common over the counter weight loss products.

And other pharmaceutical weight loss drugs.

This synthetic version chemically suppresses your appetite.

Irrespective of whether you are overweight or not and has serious side effects.

It can also be addictive.

But, the natural version will not artificially suppress appetite.

If your body is undernourished or underweight.

Sexual Function

This is an interesting subject.

Particularly these days.

With such a proliferation of herbal 'sex products' on the market.

Unfortunately most of the products being promoted are little more than placebos.

To improve sexual performance your mind and your body both have to be healthy.

Your hormones also have to be balanced.

It's not wise to 'play around' with hormones 'chemically'.

Your hormones should be balanced by the ingestion of only natural substances.

Also to the amino acids within Bee-Pollen which are precursors to HGH.

Bee Pollen also contains a gonadotropic hormone.

Very similar to the human pituitary hormone, gonadotropin.

Which functions as a sex gland hormone.

Research conducted at various European Universities.

Have shown in trials conducted with impotent men that:

* More than half of those given bee pollen experienced a dramatic improvement of sperm.

* Most gained a higher level of self-confidence and were able to perform better sexually after just one month of taking bee pollen.

There are also many studies.

Which have established that bee pollen is very helpful.

In restoring the health of females reproductive systems.

Relief from the discomfort of PMS has also been observed in these studies.

Help in Middle Age

Doctors have made another discovery, but they aren't able to explain it entirely.

Men who start eating 15g (1 Tbs.) of pollen daily when they are around 40-45 years old do not have any problem with their prostate gland.

Current prostate problems.

Can often be eliminated using pollen (including patients scheduled for surgery).

Pollen for Potency

It helps with the ability to perform the sexual act.

And the procreative capacity in cases of bareness and impotency.

It's good for men over 40 and for menopausal women.

Help for the Senior Set

Bee-Pollen is very effective with seniors who do not have the appetite to maintain a healthy diet.

All minerals in bee pollen are present in a highly digestible and organic form.

Necessary for the digestion of many foods.

Functioning of glands, organs and nerves.

And the balancing of blood, lymph, and aqueous and general metabolism system.

Bee-Pollen also contains active antibiotic substances, which destroy bacteria on contact.

Bee-Pollen is useful in cases of stress and nervous endocrine system disorders.

Due to its high content of natural B-Vitamins.

Bee-Pollen increases energy and mental alertness.

And is believed to slow down the aging process.

Other Medical Miracles

There is a wealth of information available.

On the amazing medical results that have been achieved through the use of bee pollen.

Bee-Pollen is proven to be very effective.

In building a strong immune system and reversing a large number of ailments in humans.

How to take Bee-Pollen

Adults: Start with 1 tsp. in the morning (1/2 hour before breakfast) followed with some water, juice or milk.

Increase your intake every day by a few grains until reaching 2 tsp. a day (10 ml.).

For normal daily intake you can take up to 1 Tbs. (15 ml.) daily.


Start from 3 grains, increasing by 2 grains every few days until reaching 1/2 tsp. a day.

You can mix pollen with raw honey and eat it, or dilute it in a liquid at room temperature.

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